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Marilyn Taylor

Marilyn Taylor, Visiting Professor at Birkbeck, University of London Marilyn Taylor teaches in the areas of community involvement in neighbourhood renewal, partnerships, community participation. Her research interests include neighbourhood renewal, civil renewal, accountability, community participation and empowerment, voluntary and community sector role and development.


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The Short Guide to Community Development

The third edition of this long-established guide offers an invaluable, authoritative and concise introduction to community development. Fully updated to reflect changes in policy, practice, economics and culture it will equip readers with an understanding of the history and theory of community development, as well as practical guidance.

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Challenging The Third Sector

Global Prospects For Active Citizenship

Written by experts this important book explores the vital relationships between active citizenship, civil society and the third sector in different socio-political contexts. Drawing on a range of theory and empirical studies the book will be a useful resource for researchers and practitioners.

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The community development reader

History, themes and issues

This unique Reader traces the changing fortunes of community development through a selection of readings from key writers.

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Disadvantaged by where you live?

Neighbourhood governance in contemporary urban policy

"Disadvantaged by where you live?" offers a major contribution to academic debates on the neighbourhood both as a sphere of governance and as a point of public service delivery under New Labour since 1997.

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Changing neighbourhoods

Lessons from the JRF Neighbourhood Programme

This report follows the progress of twenty very different neighbourhood organisations across three countries to explore the opportunities and challenges of neighbourhood renewal from a community perspective.

A free pdf version of this report is available online at www.jrf.org.uk

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Making community participation meaningful

A handbook for development and assessment

Community participation is now demanded of virtually all public sector services and programmes. This handbook provides practitioners, community activists, regeneration managers, teachers and academics with the tools needed to ensure that it is effective.

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Contract or trust?

The role of compacts in local governance

This report is the first evaluation of the structural means by which the meaning of partnership is being operationalised at local level, through the development of local compacts. Using detailed case studies of the development of compacts, the report highlights some of the major barriers to, and key lessons for, effective partnership working

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Partnership working

Policy and practice

This book analyses experiences of partnerships in different policy fields, identifying theoretical and practical impediments to making partnership work and evaluating the implications for those involved. It also addresses other key forms of collaboration between voluntary, private and statutory sectors, service users and community groups.

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