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Matthew Flinders

Matthew Flinders is Founding Director of the Sir Bernard Crick Centre for the Public Understanding of Politics at the University of Sheffield – the first research centre of its kind in the world. He is also Chair of the UK Political Studies Association and a member of the board of the Academy of Social Sciences. In recent years his research and writing have focused on (amongst other issues) the rise of anti-politics, the mental wellbeing of politicians and models of democracy. He has written and presented a number of documentaries for the BBC and frequently writes for newspapers, magazines and websites around the world and currently holds a Professorial Fellowship within the House of Commons.
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Tracing the Political

Depoliticisation, Governance and the State

Tracing the political uses a broad range of international case studies to chart the politicising and depoliticising dynamics that shape debates about the future of democracy and governance in the neoliberal state.

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What Kind of Democracy Is This?

Politics in a Changing World

Has there ever been a period in modern history when democratic politics seemed more unpredictable or unruly? Matthew Flinders ranges expertly across architecture, art, fell running and fairy tales in an attempt to understand the emerging democratic landscape. This refreshing and stimulating book seeks to provoke and inform in equal measure.

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