Megan McPherson

Megan McPherson is a practicing artist, a Research Fellow at the Research Unit for Indigenous Arts and Cultures, and an academic at The Wilin Centre for Indigenous Arts and Cultural Development at The Victorian College of The Arts, The University of Melbourne. Her research focuses on the learning experiences of artists and the spaces these practices are enacted with agency and justice. Megan has exhibited artworks since 1988. She has published in the areas of scholarship of learning and teaching in higher education; subjectivities, agency and affect in the university studio; and social media use in academia.


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Creative Research Methods in Education

Principles and Practices

Co-authored by an international team of experts across disciplines, this important book is one of the first to demonstrate the enormous benefit creative methods offer for education research. It illustrates how using creative methods, such as poetic inquiry, theatre and animation, can support learning and illuminate participation and engagement.

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