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The poverty trade-off

Work incentives and income redistribution in Britain

Two strategies that governments have to help people on low incomes - providing them with financial support directly, and encouraging them to earn more - generally conflict. This report provides new evidence on the trade-off between redistributing income and improving work incentives.

FREE PDF version available online at www.jrf.org.uk

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Household spending in Britain

What can it teach us about poverty?

Much of the recent policy debate surrounding poverty in Britain focuses on income as a measure of living standards. In this report we consider one alternative to income for measuring poverty that has been largely overlooked in the mainstream poverty debate in the UK: namely household expenditure. Free PDF version available at www.jrf.org.uk

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Supporting families

The financial costs and benefits of children since 1975

Drawing on a large-scale 28-year survey, this report analyses entitlements to child-contingent taxes and benefits for thousands of households. It examines how support has varied across households and over time, separates the impact of policy from socio-economic changes and compares government support for children with estimates of the actual costs.

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