Mike Saks

Mike Saks is Emeritus Professor at the University of Suffolk and Visiting Professor at the University of Lincoln, Royal Veterinary College, University of London, University of Westminster and the University of Toronto, Canada.


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Support Workers and the Health Professions in International Perspective

The Invisible Providers of Health Care

Edited by Mike Saks

This original collection analyses the global experience of health care support workers (HSWs) and examines their interface with the health professions, regulatory practice risks, employment challenges and the dilemmas of an ageing population. Crucial future policy recommendations are also made for a world becoming increasingly dependent on HSWs.

Policy Press

Professional Health Regulation in the Public Interest

International Perspectives

Bringing together leading academics worldwide, this collection compares and critically examines the ways in which different countries are regulating healthcare in general, and health professions in particular, in the interest of users and the wider public.

Policy Press

Rethinking professional governance

International directions in healthcare

This original and innovative book opens up new perspectives in health policy debate, examining the emerging international trends in the governance of health professions and the significance of national contexts for the changing health workforce.

Policy Press