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What Are Prisons For?

Hindpal Singh Bhui argues that we need to look at who is sent to prison and why to disentangle reality from ideology and myth. Including the voices of prisoners, prison staff and victims, he asks whether prison is an institution for managing marginalized people, or if there is a better way to achieve the socially useful goals of prisons.

What Are the Olympics For?

While attention is on Olympic triumphs and tribulations, there is much that goes on behind the scenes that is deeply troubling. Boykoff tells us that radical steps are required if the Games are to be fixed and only then will they be truly ‘athletes first’.

What Is History For?

Gildea suggests that the more people who really understand what good history entails, the more likely history is to triumph over myth. He sees positive signs in public history, citizen historians and community projects, debunking claims that ‘you cannot rewrite history’, arguing that good history that’s attuned to its times must be rewritten.

The Economy of Algorithms

AI and the Rise of the Digital Minions

Elements of Research Design

This concise and accessible guide to designing a dissertation, thesis or other major study helps researchers achieve the best possible outcomes. It sets out approaches that are not limited by conventions, but instead give the researcher the confidence to handle questions, literature reviews, data collection, analysis and other processes.

Diverse Voices in Tort Law

Edited by Kirsty Horsey

Integrating marginalised perspectives into the curriculum and discourse, this indispensable textbook amplifies under-represented voices in the field and paves the way for a more inclusive and comprehensive understanding of tort law.

Health Policy in the United States

Access, Cost and Quality

Introducing the fundamentals of health policy and offering analysis of major health care programmes and reflections on issues around access, quality, cost and the ethics of provision, this book provides a comprehensive exploration of the role and influence of public policy on the medical system in the United States.

The Enlightened Social Worker

An Introduction to Rights-Focused Practice

This text offers a new concept of Social Work that is an inspiring and practical vision of what Social Work is and should be, placing rights at the heart of practice, enabling students and workers to become more confident dealing with the uncomfortable realities of practice.

What Matters and Who Matters to Young People Leaving Care

A New Approach to Planning

EPDF and EPUB are available open access under CC BY NC ND licence. This publication was supported by University of Essex's open access fund.

Peter Appleton builds on research interviews with care-experienced young adults, and on cross-disciplinary theories of planning and of emotions, to develop a model of planning for young people leaving care.

Transitional Safeguarding

This book powerfully sets out the case for Transitional Safeguarding, a new approach to protection and safeguarding designed to address the needs and behaviours of young people aged 15-24 who are falling between gaps in current systems, with often devastating results.

Claiming and Contesting Representation in Mexico

Meanings, Practices and Settings

Through innovative conceptual work and original case studies, the book explores important trends in Mexican politics and governance through the lens of representation, including who speaks and stands for whom, on what grounds and in what domains and the challenges they face.

Decolonising Social Work in Finland

Racialisation and Practices of Care