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The Class Ceiling

Why it Pays to be Privileged

This important book takes readers behind the closed doors of elite employers to reveal how class affects who gets to the top. Drawing on 200 interviews across four case studies - television, accountancy, architecture, and acting – it explores the complex barriers facing the upwardly mobile.

Policy Press

How to Use Social Work Theory in Practice

An Essential Guide

In this clear and systematic book covering the both general practice concepts and theoretical insights, best-selling author Malcolm Payne shows you how to work with the main social work theories and practice techniques and pinpoint their strengths and limitations.

Policy Press

Community Development

A Critical and Radical Approach

A fully updated edition of this bestselling textbook offers a radical approach to community development taking theories of Gramsci and Freire into the current context. The focus is on putting theory into action for those training, working or managing any social justice practice.

Policy Press

Beyond Pro-life and Pro-choice

The Changing Politics of Abortion in Britain

Tracing the evolution of political discourse on abortion from the 1960s to today, this interdisciplinary book argues that in order to understand the changing pluralities of contemporary abortion debate, it is necessary to move beyond an understanding of abortion politics as characterised by ‘pro-choice’ and ‘pro-life’.

Bristol Uni Press

The Politics of Cycling Infrastructure

Spaces and (In)Equality

Edited by Peter Cox and Till Koglin

This book examines existing cycling structures and the current policies and practices used to promote cycling in Europe. Its interdisciplinary analysis considers the cultural politics of infrastructural provision and connects this to questions of sustainability, citizenship and justice in cities.

Policy Press

Redeeming Leadership

An Anti-Racist Feminist Intervention

This timely and thought-provoking new study by Helena Liu shows how anti-racist feminism can reinvigorate leadership theory and practice, which have long been dominated by imperialist, masculinist and white supremacist agendas. Theoretically rigorous and with examples from around the world, it states the case for a bold reimaging of leadership.

Bristol Uni Press

Precarity and Ageing

Understanding Insecurity and Risk in Later Life

This edited collection develops an exciting new approach to understanding the changing cultural, economic and social circumstances facing different groups of older people.

Policy Press

Environmental Conflicts, Migration and Governance

A key driver of migration is environmental conflict, and this is only likely to increase with the effects of climate change. This urgent book responds to this and provides invaluable insights into urgent questions surrounding migration, climate change and conflict that will be of relevance to researchers across social science.

Bristol Uni Press
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Exploring Trade Union Identities

Union Identity, Niche Identity and the Problem of Organizing the Unorganized

The world of work has changed and so have trade unions, with mergers, rebrandings and new unions being formed, but the question is, how fitted are the unions to organize the unorganized? This engaging new book by Bob Smale explores the complex identities projected by contemporary trade unions and asks critical question for the future.

Bristol Uni Press

Policy Learning and Policy Failure

Edited by Claire Dunlop

First published as a special issue of Policy & Politics, this updated volume explores policy failures and the valuable opportunities for learning that they offer.

Policy Press

Welfare to Work in Contemporary European Welfare States

Legal, Sociological and Philosophical Perspectives on Justice and Domination

With welfare to work programmes under intense scrutiny, this book ranges widely across Europe to review existing policies and explore future ones. It shows how many schemes do not adequately address social rights and lived experiences, and consider alternatives based on theories of non-domination.

Policy Press


Understanding Super-Diversity in Deprived and Mixed Neighbourhoods

Provides a comparative international perspective on superdiversity in cities, with explicit attention given to social inequality and social exclusion on a neighbourhood level.

Policy Press