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What Have Charities Ever Done for Us?

The Stories Behind the Headlines

What Have Charities Ever Done for Us? uses case studies and interviews to illustrate how charities support people and communities, foster heritage and culture and pioneer responses to crucial social, ethical and environmental questions.

Policy Press

After Brexit and Other Essays

After Brexit brings together Gamble’s most influential writings on British politics and political economy from the last 40 years, reflecting on issues that animate British politics, from the decline of the economy and reshaping the welfare state to the transformation of political parties and devolution to Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Bristol Uni Press

The Western Ideology and Other Essays

The Western Ideology brings together for the first time Andrew Gamble’s writings on political ideas and ideologies, which illustrate the main themes of his writing in intellectual history and the history of ideas, including economic liberalism and neoliberalism, and critiques from both social democratic and conservative perspectives.

Bristol Uni Press

Creating Participatory Research

Principles, Practice and Reality

This valuable textbook provides an accessible, pragmatic how-to guide for using participatory methods in research. Providing practical advice, real-world examples, and packed with reflective questions, top tips and suggested further reading, this book will be an essential resource for students and researchers alike.

Policy Press

The Impact of COVID-19 on Devolution

Recentralising the British State Beyond Brexit?

This topical book explores how the public perception of the UK decentralized governments has changed during the pandemic and uses case studies to discuss the actions taken by central government to undermine the devolution settlement, making a vital contribution to the future options for the UK within the context of Brexit and what follows.

Bristol Uni Press

What Works in Improving Gender Equality

International Best Practice in Childcare and Long-term Care Policy

EPDF and EPUB available Open Access under CC-BY-NC licence. This book provides an accessible analysis of what gender equality means and how we can achieve it by adapting best practices in childcare and long term care policies from other countries.

Policy Press

Emotion and Proactivity at Work

Prospects and Dialogues

In this pioneering work, expert scholars offer new thinking on proactivity by examining how emotion can drive employees’ proactivity in the workplace and how, in turn, that proactivity can shape one’s emotional experiences.

Bristol Uni Press

Growing Up and Getting By

International Perspectives on Childhood and Youth in Hard Times

This book explores how children, young people and families cope with situations of socio-economic poverty and precarity in diverse international contexts and looks at the evidence of the harms and inequalities caused by these processes.

Policy Press

Hope Under Neoliberal Austerity

Responses from Civil Society and Civic Universities

This book explores the ways in which communities are responding today’s society as government policies are increasingly promoting privatisation, deregulation and individualisation of responsibilities, providing insights into the efficacy of these approaches through key policy issues including access to food, education and health.

Policy Press

Interprofessional Collaboration and Service User Participation

Analysing Meetings in Social Welfare

This book examines how interprofessional collaboration and service user participation are challenged in multi-agency meetings, demonstrating how collaborative and integrated welfare policy is contingent on the interactional practices of professionals and service users and providing examples of best practice.

Policy Press

Outsourcing in the UK

Policies, Practices and Outcomes

In this comprehensive account, Janice Morphet analyses the role and use of outsourcing within the UK public sector since the mid-1970s and illustrates the impact it has had on ideology, policy narratives and public expectations in the present.

Bristol Uni Press

Police–Community Relations in Times of Crisis

Decay and Reform in the Post-Ferguson Era

The deaths of Michael Brown and George Floyd at the hands of white police officers have uncovered an apparent legitimacy crisis at the heart of American policing. Drawing on interviews with officers, offenders, practitioners and community members, this book explores policing changes in the ‘post-Ferguson’ era and informs future policing practice.

Bristol Uni Press