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Policing the Pandemic

How Public Health Becomes Public Order

Written in the context of the #BlackLivesMatter protests, this book explores why law enforcement responses to a public health emergency are prioritised over welfare provision and what this tells us about the state’s criminal justice institutions.

Policy Press

The Politics of Ailment

A New Approach to Care

Challenging the ethics of care as a tradeable commodity, this book introduces the concept of ailment as a framework for understanding social care. Providing examples from Britain and Finland, it demonstrates how ailment shapes all societies, and by addressing the marketisation of care, the authors bring to light increasing inequalities in care.

Policy Press

Dystopian Emotions

Emotional Landscapes and Dark Futures

This edited collection offers an original investigation of into the changing landscape of emotion in dark and uncertain times.

Challenging the assumption that emotional experiences are purely personal, the authors showcase how they relate to cultural, economic and political conditions.

Bristol Uni Press

Gangs, Drugs and Youth Adversity

Continuity and Change

Revisiting the young men interviewed in Deuchar’s original fieldwork in Glasgow, this dynamic book explores the evolving nature of gangs and the contemporary challenges affecting young people, including drug distribution, football-related bigotry and the mental health repercussions emerging from social media.

Bristol Uni Press

Involving Service Users in Social Work Education, Research and Policy

A Comparative European Analysis

Based on the results of a European Social Fund project, this book critically appraises the benefits and challenges of involving service users in social work research, practice and education.

Policy Press

Local Civil Society

Place, Time and Boundaries

Drawing on place-based field investigations and new empirical analysis, this original book investigates civil society at local level.

Policy Press

Organizing Women

Gender Equality Policies in French and British Trade Unions

This book explores the representation of women’s interests in the world of work across 4 trade unions in France and the UK. Drawing on case studies, it unveils the social, organisational and political conditions that contribute to the reproduction of gender inequalities or, on the contrary, allow the promotion of equality.

Bristol Uni Press

Reparations and Anti-Black Racism

A Criminological Exploration of the Harms of Slavery and Racialized Injustice

Police shootings and incarceration inequalities are two examples of the legacy of slavery in the US and UK. Offering a criminological exploration of the case for slavery and anti-black racism reparations in the context of enduring harms and differential treatment of black citizens, this book refutes the policy perspectives that oppose reparations.

Bristol Uni Press

The Logic of Professionalism

Work and Management in Professional Service Organizations

This book explores common management practices as they relate to professional service organizations. Adopting a unique critical institutional view, it focuses on challenges and struggles in both public and private settings and offers new insights. This will be essential reading for scholars of management and leadership.

Bristol Uni Press

What is International Relations?

As International Relations enters its second century as an academic discipline, leading expert Knud Erik Jørgensen provides a provocative assessment of its past, present and future. The result is a concise and challenging appraisal of the discipline, one which both celebrates its value and maps possible future directions.

Bristol Uni Press

Cultural Sexism

The politics of feminist rage in the #metoo era

Savigny examines how the prevalence of sexism and misogyny across the media, entertainment and cultural industries keeps sexist values firmly within popular consciousness. She traces the development of key feminist thinking and explores what we can do next after the #MeToo era.

Bristol Uni Press

Doing Fieldwork in Areas of International Intervention

A Guide to Research in Violent and Closed Contexts

Using insights from those with first-hand experience of conducting research in areas of international intervention and conflict across the world, this book provides essential practical guidance, discussion of mistakes, key reflections and raises important questions for researchers and students embarking on fieldwork in violent and closed contexts.

Bristol Uni Press