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The Rules of Democracy

Democracy is the most effective way to give us control over the decisions that impact on our lives, but it must evolve. This book lays out a roadmap for a more accountable democracy, locally, nationally and internationally that will give us greater influence over the decisions that impact our communities.

Policy Press

The Unlikely Candidate

What Losing an Election Taught Me about How to Change Politics

The COVID-19 pandemic is reshaping our politics, economy and society, providing a chance to reset and redesign politics. Ali Milani brings a unique perspective to the key political issues we're facing and inspires a new generation of political leaders from the disenfranchised, disillusioned and marginalised in society.

Policy Press

The Swedish Experiment

The COVID-19 Response and its Controversies

This short book explores Sweden’s response to the global pandemic and the wave of controversies it triggered. It helps to makes sense of the response by defining ‘a Swedish model’ that incorporates the country’s value system and offers a case study for understanding the ways in which different national approaches to the pandemic have been compared.

Bristol Uni Press

Virtual Reality Methods

A Guide for Researchers in the Social Sciences and Humanities

Since the mid-2010s, virtual reality (VR) technology has advanced rapidly. This book explores the many opportunities that VR can offer for humanities and social sciences researchers. It provides a user-friendly, non-technical methods guide to using ready-made VR content and 360° video as well as creating custom materials.

Policy Press

Inside High-Rise Housing

Securing Home in Vertical Cities

As cities sprawl skywards and private renting expands, this compelling geographic analysis of property identifies high-rise development’s overlooked hand in social segregation and urban fragmentation, and raises bold questions about the condominium’s prospects.

Bristol Uni Press

All Roads Lead to Serfdom

Confronting Liberalism’s Fatal Flaw

Drawing on the German ordoliberal tradition, this book argues that liberalism’s reliance on a utilitarian policy framework has resulted in increased concentrations of power, restricting freedom and equality. It proposes an alternative public policy framework and offers a practical pathway to realign policy making with liberal ideas.

Bristol Uni Press

Boys, Childhood Domestic Abuse, and Gang Involvement

Violence at Home, Violence On-Road

Previously overlooked in domestic violence and abuse policy and practice, Jade Levell offers radical insights into the lives of young boys in DVA-affected households.

Showing how boys in this context navigate their journey to manhood, including gang involvement, the book makes practice recommendations for supporting these ‘hidden victims’.

Bristol Uni Press

Civil Servants and Globalization

Integrating MENA Countries in a Globalized Economy

This volume analyses the impact of globalization on civil service systems across the Middle East and North Africa. It presents an analytical model to assess how globalization influences civil servants and traces the shifting patterns of power and accountability between civil servants, politicians and other actors.

Bristol Uni Press

Compulsory Income Management in Australia and New Zealand

More Harm than Good?

Drawing on first-hand accounts from those living under the systems, this novel study explores the impact of Australia and New Zealand’s income management policies and asks whether they have caused more harm than good.

Policy Press

Constructing the Higher Education Student

Perspectives from across Europe

Amid debates about the future of both higher education and Europeanisation, this book is the first full-length exploration of how Europe’s 35 million students are understood by key social actors across different nations.

Policy Press

Crime and Investigative Reporting in the UK

Drawing on interviews with journalists and police officers, this is the first ethnographic study of crime news reporting in the UK for over 25 years. It shows the impediments to crime reporting that exist in the aftermath of the Leveson Report and considers the future of investigative journalism non-profits.

Policy Press

Death, Family and the Law

The Contemporary Inquest in Context

When a death is investigated by a coroner, what is the place of the family in that process? This accessibly written book develops a nuanced analysis of the contemporary inquest system in England and Wales.

Bristol Uni Press