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Explaining Mental Illness

Sociological Perspectives

Can the social sciences explain the emergence of mental disorders in societies or in individuals? This book presents a critical look at sociological explanations of mental illnesses, making the case for their renewal.

Bristol Uni Press

Gender Inequalities in Tech-driven Research and Innovation

Living the Contradiction

ePDF and ePUB available Open Access under CC-BY-NC-ND licence. This volume centres on the lived experience of women working in tech-driven research and innovation areas in the Nordic countries.

Bristol Uni Press

Injustice and Prophecy in the Age of Mass Incarceration

The Politics of Sanity

Why do the UK and US disproportionately incarcerate the mentally ill? Via multiple re-framings of the question—theological, socioeconomic, and psychological— Andrew Skotnicki diagnoses a "persecution of the prophetic" at the heart of the contemporary penal system and society more broadly.

Bristol Uni Press

Refugees, Self-Reliance, Development

A Critical History

With five case studies from Greece, Tanzania, Pakistan, Uganda, and Egypt, this book tracks refugee self-reliance as a malleable concept used to pursue ulterior interests. It reshapes understandings of refugee self-reliance and delivers important messages for contemporary policymaking.

Bristol Uni Press

Saving Liberalism from Itself

The Spirit of Political Participation

In the wake of populism, Timothy Stacey’s book critically reflects on what is missing from the liberal project with the aim of saving liberalism. It explains that populists have harnessed myth, ritual, magic and tradition to advance their ambitions, and why opponents need to embrace rather than eschew them.

Bristol Uni Press

Social Policy Review 34

Analysis and Debate in Social Policy, 2022

Experts review the leading social policy scholarship from the past year in this comprehensive volume. Published in association with the Social Policy Association, this volume addresses current issues and critical debates throughout the international social policy field.

Policy Press

A Public Sociology of Waste

Critically analysing how waste is currently configured as a ‘household’ issue, this book illuminates the implications of these framings and how public sociology can engage critical publics to reorient waste as a global socio-ethical issue.

Bristol Uni Press

Youth Beyond the City

Thinking from the Margins

This interdisciplinary collection charts the experiences of young people in rural and regional areas and city outskirts around the world. International experts investigate aspects of marginal spatiality including citizenship, materiality and belonging, and look at the complex relationships between place, history, politics and education.

Bristol Uni Press

What in the World?

Understanding Global Social Change

Moving beyond the limits of parochialism, this book develops a truly global perspective on social change. It brings together renowned scholars from across disciplines and provides a range of promising theoretical approaches, analytical takes and substantive research areas that offer new vistas for understanding change on a global scale.

Bristol Uni Press

Anti-Racism in Higher Education

An Action Guide for Change

Edited by Arun Verma

Arising from staff and student experiences, this book offers a roadmap for senior leaders, academic and professional staff and students to build strategies, programmes and interventions that effectively dismantle racism.

Policy Press

Black Mothers and Attachment Parenting

A Black Feminist Analysis of Intensive Mothering in Britain and Canada

This outstanding work examines black mothers’ engagements with attachment parenting and shows how it both undermines and reflects neoliberalism. Unique in its intersectional analysis, it fills a gap in the literature, drawing on black feminist theorizing to examine intensive mothering practices and policies.

Bristol Uni Press