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Collaborative Research in Theory and Practice

The Poetics of Letting Go

This book invites the reader to think about collaborative research differently. Using the concepts of ‘letting go’ and 'poetics’, it envisions collaborative research as a space where relationships are forged with the use of arts-based and multimodal ways of seeing, inquiring, and representing ideas.

Bristol Uni Press

Faces of Precarity

Critical Perspectives on Work, Subjectivities and Struggles

The word ‘precarity’ is widely used when discussing work, employment or social classes. However, there is no consensus on the precise meaning of the term or how it should best be used to explore social changes. This international and interdisciplinary book offers a distinctive and critical perspective approach to an important topic.

Bristol Uni Press

Navigating the European Migration Regime

Male Migrants, Interrupted Journeys and Precarious Lives

EPDF and EPUB available Open Access under CC-BY-NC- ND

Anna Wyss’ insightful account of male migrants’ journeys around Europe brings new perspectives to the European migration crisis and masculinity issues.

Bristol Uni Press

Postcoloniality and Forced Migration

Mobility, Control, Agency

As the pervasive legacy of colonialism continues to shape global politics, this unprecedented book presents case studies of forced migration events from the 18th century to present day across 5 continents, all put in dialogue with each other to propose new theoretical and real-world agendas for the field.

Bristol Uni Press

The Imposter as Social Theory

Thinking with Gatecrashers, Cheats and Charlatans

Edited by expert scholars, this volume explores the 'imposter' through empirical cases, including click farms, bikers, business leaders and fraudulent scientists, providing insights into the social relations and cultural forms from which they emerge.

Bristol Uni Press

Welfare and Punishment

From Thatcherism to Austerity

From Margaret Thatcher’s first government to austerity politics, Ian Cummins traces changing attitudes to imprisonment and the social state. With fresh insights and critical thinking, he demonstrates how increasingly punitive approaches to crime and welfare have shaped the neoliberal economy and created stigma around those living in poverty.

Bristol Uni Press

Youth, Work and the Post-Fordist Self

Drawing on empirical research, this book provides an innovative exploration of youth and work, showing how youth identities are connected with the dynamics of labour and value in contemporary capitalism.

Bristol Uni Press