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Creative Writing for Social Research

A Practical Guide

Inviting beginners and more experienced researchers to explore new ways of writing, this book introduces readers to creatively written research in a variety of formats including plays and poems, videos and comics. It not only gives social researchers permission, but also shows them how, to write creatively.

Policy Press

The Ironic State

British Comedy and the Everyday Politics of Globalization

In this book, James Brassett builds on his prize-winning research to demonstrate how British comedy can provide intimate and vital understandings of the everyday politics of globalization in Britain.

Bristol Uni Press

Vicarious Warfare

American Strategy and the Illusion of War on the Cheap

This compelling account charts the historical emergence of vicarious warfare and its contemporary prominence. It contrasts its tactical advantages with its hidden costs and potential to cause significant strategic harm.

Bristol Uni Press

The Future of Social Democracy

Essays to Mark the 40th Anniversary of the Limehouse Declaration

To mark the 40th anniversary of the Limehouse Declaration, prominent politicians including Sir Vince Cable, Sarah Olney, Roger Liddle and Chris Huhne propose new ideas for the coming decades. Together, they set out a compelling vision for the country that has social justice at its core.

Policy Press

A Criminology Of Narrative Fiction

Drawing on complex narratives across film, TV, novels and graphic novels, this authoritative critical analysis demonstrates the value of fictional narratives as a tool for understanding, explaining and reducing crime and social harm. McGregor establishes an original theory of the criminological value of fiction.

Bristol Uni Press

Constitutional Policy and Territorial Politics in the UK

Volume 1: Union and Devolution 1997–2007

This is the first part of a two-volume work which will provide an authoritative UK-wide account from the initial settlement under New Labour in 1997 to Brexit and its aftermath. This first volume offers a refreshing and rigorous analysis of the period 1997-2007, setting a new agenda for thinking on devolution.

Bristol Uni Press

Financial Inclusion

Critique and Alternatives

Rajiv Prabhakar brings together the typically exclusive views of supporters and critics to present a nuanced, critical analysis of ‘financial inclusion’. Addressing issues including the ‘poverty premium’, financial capability and housing, this dialogue advances crucial public, academic and policy debates and proposes alternative paths forward.

Policy Press

Rethinking Peace Mediation

Challenges of Contemporary Peacemaking Practice

Written by international practitioners and scholars, this pioneering work offers insights into the peace mediation practice and explains how multifaceted assistance has become an indispensable part of it. With its policy focus and real-world examples, this is a go-to resource for researchers and advisers involved in peace processes.

Bristol Uni Press

Temporality in Mobile Lives

Contemporary Asia–Australia Migration and Everyday Time

This innovative study of young Asian migrants’ lives in Australia sheds new light on the complex relationship between migration and time. With in-depth interviews and a new conceptual framework, Robertson reveals how migration influences the trajectories of migrants’ lives, from career pathways to intimate relationships.

Bristol Uni Press

The Gilets Jaunes and the New Social Contract

This book provides a lively account of the gilets jaunes, the yellow vest movement that has shaken France since 2018. Charles Devellennes assesses what lessons can be drawn from their activities and the impact for the contemporary relationship between state and citizen.

Bristol Uni Press

Youth, Work and the Post-Fordist Self

Drawing on empirical research, this book provides an innovative exploration of youth and work, showing how youth identities are connected with the dynamics of labour and value in contemporary capitalism.

Bristol Uni Press

A Criminology of War?

Within this book, whilst providing an implicit critique of mainstream criminology the authors seek to question if a ‘criminology of war’ is possible, and if so how this seemingly ‘new horizon’ of the discipline might be usefully informed by sociology.

Bristol Uni Press