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Pauline Leonard

Pauline Leonard is Professor of Sociology, Director of the Web Science Institute and Director of the Work Futures Research Centre, University of Southampton, UK.
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Gender and Physics in the Academy

Theory, Policy and Practice in European Perspective

This interdisciplinary collection addresses women's under-representation in science across Europe, focusing on physics and its gender imbalance. Emphasising social perspectives over biological explanations, it evaluates policy solutions and shares personal life stories, providing key insights into the physics world.

Bristol Uni Press

Getting In and Getting On in the Youth Labour Market

Governing Young People’s Employability in Regional Context

Based on up to date qualitative and ethnographic research, and using a Foucauldian theoretical approach, this book examines youth education-to-work transitions in the UK and demonstrates how different employability schemes work in practice for young people from varying social and regional backgrounds.

Bristol Uni Press