Peter King

Peter King is Reader in Social Thought at the Centre for Comparative Housing Research, De Montfort University. His work has focused on the application of philosophical and theoretical models to housing issues and he has written widely on issues such as need, choice, rights, housing subsidies and the nature of home.


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The new politics

Liberal Conservatism or same old Tories?

Published to coincide with the first anniversary of the election, this book looks at the Coalition government in the context of conservative ideas and seeks to assess what, if anything, is new about it.

Policy Press

Housing policy transformed

The right to buy and the desire to own

This book seeks to understand the Right to Buy, the most controversial housing policy of the last 30 years, on its own terms, rather than most studies which focus on its negative impact. It explains how the policy links with a coherent ideology based on self-interest and the care of things close to us.

Policy Press