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Policy analysis for practice

Applying social policy

This book introduces students and practitioners to the concepts and methods required to undertake the analysis and review of policy and its implementation. Focusing on understanding and skills for a growing area of practice, it combines material from public and social administration with examples and application to social policy and services.

Policy Press

Using evidence

How research can inform public services

There is widespread commitment across public service agencies in the UK and elsewhere to ensuring that the best available evidence is used to improve public services. The challenge is not only making research evidence accessible and available but also getting it used. This book provides a timely contribution to enhancing evidence use.

Policy Press

What is International Relations?

As International Relations enters its second century as an academic discipline, leading expert Knud Erik Jørgensen provides a provocative assessment of its past, present and future. The result is a concise and challenging appraisal of the discipline, one which both celebrates its value and maps possible future directions.

Bristol Uni Press

Policy Analysis in Colombia

An innovative and systematic overview of policy analysis in Colombia and an instructive view of how it might help studies elsewhere. Leading academics assess central and local policy in fields including health, education and the military, and explore their role in Colombia’s economic development, resolution of internal conflict and other successes.

Policy Press

Practical Lessons from Policy Theories

First published as a special issue of Policy & Politics, this critical and practical volume challenges policy theory scholars to change the way they produce and communicate research. Leading scholars propose eight ways to synthesis and translate knowledge to equip scholars to clearly communicate their insights with each other and a wider audience.

Policy Press

The Political Formulation of Policy Solutions

Arguments, Arenas and Coalitions

In this book, an international group of public policy scholars revisit the stage of formulating policy solutions by investigating the basic political dimensions inherent to this critical phase of the policy process.

Bristol Uni Press

Evidence-Based Policy Making in the Social Sciences

Methods That Matter

Edited by Gerry Stoker and Mark Evans

This valuable book offers a distinct and critical showcase of emerging forms of discovery for policy-making drawing on the insights of some of the world’s leading authorities in public policy analysis.

Policy Press

Doing Fieldwork in Areas of International Intervention

A Guide to Research in Violent and Closed Contexts

Using insights from those with first-hand experience of conducting research in areas of international intervention and conflict across the world, this book provides essential practical guidance, discussion of mistakes, key reflections and raises important questions for researchers and students embarking on fieldwork in violent and closed contexts.

Bristol Uni Press

Policy Analysis in Ireland

Leading Irish academics and policy practitioners present a comprehensive study of policy analysis in Ireland. Contributors investigate the roles of the EU, the public, science, the media and gender expertise in policy analysis. This text examines policy analysis at different levels of government and identifies future challenges for policy analysis.

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