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Controversial Encounters in the Age of Algorithms

How Digital Technologies are Stifling Public Debate and What to Do About It

This book explores how digital technologies shape our opinions and interactions, often in ways that limit our exposure to diverse perspectives and therefore can fuel polarization. Drawing on the ancient art of controversy, (arguing all sides of a case) it offers a way to revive public debate as a source of trust and legitimacy in our society.

Activists in the Data Stream

The Practices of Daily Grassroots Politics in Southern Europe

Available Open Access digitally under CC-BY-ND licence

This book pulls back the curtain on the link between technology and activism, showing shows how activists navigate the impact of digital media on today’s grassroots politics.

The Trouble with Jokes

Humour and Offensiveness in Contemporary Culture and Politics

Exploring the relationship between humour and offensiveness, this book delves into offensive jokes, their impact, and the dark side of laughter. It blends cultural analysis, politics, and philosophy to offer an antidote to positive thinking and guide readers through offensive humour.

The Life of a Number

Measurement, Meaning and the Media

Drawing on case studies, this book examines how politicians, academics and journalists gave meaning to data during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lawson sheds light on the distinct nature of the pandemic that led to the increased politicization of data and how it permanently changed the way we view health and society more broadly.

Women, Media, and Elections

Representation and Marginalization in British Politics

Providing a systematic analysis of electoral coverage in newspapers since 1918, this book demonstrates that for women to be effectively represented in the political domain, they must also be effectively represented in the public discussion of politics that takes place in the media.

Women’s Activism Behind the Screens

Trade Unions and Gender Inequality in the British Film and Television Industries

Frances C. Galt explores the role of trade unions and women’s activism in the British film and television industries in this important contribution to debates around gender inequality.

Media and Governance

Exploring the Role of News Media in Complex Systems of Governance

First published as a special issue of Policy & Politics, this book considers the impact of media-related factors on governance, policy, public accountability and the attribution of blame for failures.

Democracy under Attack

How the Media Distort Policy and Politics

A unique insider's perspective of news production in Britain which gives readers a flavour of what goes on in news rooms, pressure groups, departmental policy divisions and parliament.