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Work, labour and cleaning

The social contexts of outsourcing housework

Outsourcing of domestic work in the UK has been steadily rising since the 1970s, but little research has considered White British women. This book argues that outsourced domestic cleaning can either be done as mental and manual skilled work or as manual and ‘natural’ emotional/affective labour, depending on the work conditions.

Bristol Uni Press

The politics of scale in policy

Scalecraft and education governance

By focusing on the area of education governance and drawing on the empirical cases of England’s academy schools policy and European education governance, the book presents scalecraft as a novel conceptual lens for addressing the scalar blind spot of policy analysis.

Policy Press

Parental leave and beyond

Recent international developments, current issues and future directions

This volume provides an international perspective on parental leave policies in different countries, goes beyond this to examine a range of issues in depth, and aims to stimulate thinking about possible futures and how policy might underpin them.

Policy Press

Absolute poverty in Europe

Interdisciplinary perspectives on a hidden phenomenon

This book investigates different policy and civic responses to extreme poverty, ranging from food donations to penalisation and “social cleansing” of highly visible poor and how it is related to concerns of ethics, justice and human dignity.

Policy Press

Mental health social work re-imagined

This much-needed book calls for a return to mental health social work that has personal relationships and an emotional connection between workers and those experiencing distress at its core.

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Adolescent pathways and responsibilities

Evidence from the Young Lives study of Ethiopia, India, Peru, and Vietnam

This book compares how adolescents living in poverty in Ethiopia, India, Peru and Vietnam experience puberty, school, marriage, parenthood and work. It examines how poverty, geographical location and social exclusion affect key transitions, and how gender shapes children’s future opportunities.

Policy Press

Urban Food Sharing

Rules, tools and networks

Illustrated by global case studies and empirical data, this book explores the history and current practises of food sharing, whilst exploring the impact and potential of such sharing for cities.

Policy Press

Science, belief and society

International perspectives on religion, Non-religion and the public understanding of science

This wide-ranging book critically reviews the ways in which religious and non-religious belief systems interact with scientific methods, traditions and theories. The book shows how debates about science and belief are firmly embedded in political conflict, class, community and culture.

Policy Press

The modern slavery agenda

Policy, politics and practice

Modern slavery is growing despite the introduction of laws to try to stem it. This is the first book critically to assess the legislation, using evidence from across the field, and to offer strategies for improvement in policy and practice.

Policy Press

Childhood experiences of separation and divorce

Reflections from young adults

Drawing on the qualitative research findings, this book develops a new framework to provide a useful analytical tool for academics and practitioners working with children and families to make sense of young people’s experiences of parental separation and divorce and puts forward suggestions for improving support for children in the future.

Policy Press

Heritage as community research

Legacies of co-production

With a diverse range of case studies, and chapters co-written between academics and community partners, this book shows that co-produced research can be an empowering force by which communities stake a claim in the places they live.

Policy Press

EU migrant workers, Brexit and precarity

Polish women's perspectives from inside the UK

How has the Brexit vote affected EU migrants to the UK? This book presents a female Polish perspective, using findings from research carried out with economic migrants from Poland interviewed before and after the Brexit vote.

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