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Youth Prospects

Resources and Identities in an Unravelling Europe

This book assesses the challenges young people face in the contemporary labour markets of England and Germany in the context of mass migration, rising nationalism and accelerating technological change, and considers the resources and skills young people in Europe will need in the future.

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Why Who Cleans Counts

What Housework Tells Us About Changing Power Dynamics in American Family Life

Every household has to perform housework. Using quantitative, nationally representative survey data this book theorizes about how power dynamics as reflected in housework performance help us understand broader family variations.

Policy Press

Transforming Glasgow

Beyond the Post-industrial City

Using a wide-range of interdisciplinary perspectives which examine the diverse issues of urban policy, regeneration and economic and social change, this book explores the transition of Glasgow from a de-industrial to a post-industrial city.

Policy Press

Ethnic Segregation between Schools

Is It Increasing or Decreasing in England?

This book uses up-to-date evidence to interrogate contemporary patterns of ethnic and social segregation at a school-level, looking at how the changing geographies of ethnic segregation reflect those of social segregation.

Bristol Uni Press

Reassessing Attachment Theory in Child Welfare

This book offers an analysis of the limitations of child attachment theory as the basis for decision-making in child welfare practice, examining controversies and offering a new pedagogy that is responsive to the changing dynamics of contemporary families.

Policy Press

The Politics of Cycling Infrastructure

Spaces and (In)Equality

Edited by Till Koglin and Peter Cox

This book examines existing cycling structures and the current policies and practices used to promote cycling in Europe. Its interdisciplinary analysis considers the cultural politics of infrastructural provision and connects this to questions of sustainability, citizenship and justice in cities.

Bristol Uni Press

Communities, Archives and New Collaborative Practices

Using a wide range of case studies, this edited collection shows how community engagement and co-creation is challenging and extending the notion of the archive.

Policy Press

Getting In and Getting On in the Youth Labour Market

Governing Young People’s Employability in Regional Context

Based on up-to-date qualitative and ethnographic research, and using a Foucauldian theoretical approach, this book examines youth education-to-work transitions in the UK and demonstrates how different employability schemes work in practice for young people from varying social and regional backgrounds.

Bristol Uni Press

Local Social Innovation to Combat Poverty and Exclusion

A Critical Appraisal

Based on more than thirty case studies in eight different countries, this book explores the governance dynamics of local social innovations in the field of poverty reduction, illustrating how different governance dynamics and welfare mixes enable or hinder poverty reduction strategies.

Policy Press

Ethnicity, Race and Inequality in the UK

State of the Nation

50 years on from the Race Relations Act of 1968, this ‘state of the nation’ book provides an overview and commentary on how things currently stand in a wide range of sectors of society.

Policy Press

Transport Matters

Edited by Iain Docherty and Jon Shaw

Comprising an innovative series of intersectional chapters, this book examines the ways that transport influences and is influenced by contemporary life in Britain and considers why we should change our attitude towards it in terms of key policy goals for a sustainable future.

Policy Press

Local Policies and the European Social Fund

Employment Policies across Europe

Comparing data from 18 local case studies across 6 European countries, and deploying an innovative mixed-method approach, this book presents comparative evidence on everyday challenges in the context of the European Social Fund (ESF) and discusses how these findings are applicable to other funding schemes.

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