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Urgent Business

Five Myths Business Needs to Overcome to Save Itself and the Planet

Combining academic insight and inspiring real-world examples this book offers a new business model which argues that all companies should become responsible businesses, transforming the sustainability agenda into a more holistic and systemic approach.

Bristol Uni Press

Woke Capitalism

How Corporate Morality is Sabotaging Democracy

This book delves into the corporate takeover of public morality, or ‘woke capitalism’. Discussing the political causes that it has adopted, and the social causes that it has not, it argues that this extension of capitalism has negative implications for democracy’s future.

Bristol Uni Press

Crowdfunding and the Democratization of Finance

A unique collaboration between an academic and a practitioner, this book tells the story of money from ancient Athens to the Bitcoin revolution to explain how crowdfunding is the way for people to reclaim the power of their money in pursuit of a fairer and greener society.

Bristol Uni Press

Rethinking Value Chains

Tackling the Challenges of Global Capitalism

EPUB and EPDF available Open Access under CC-BY-NC-ND licence. This original volume brings together academics and activists from Europe to think creatively about the social and environmental imbalances of global production and how to reform the current economic system.

Policy Press

Remaking the Real Economy

Escaping Destruction by Organised Money

Debunking the myths around the current economic belief systems, this book reveals how mainstream perspectives work for the benefit of the organised money establishment, while causing all manner of destructions and inequalities which work against the common good. It offers a refreshingly simple business strategy model for a truly sustainable future.

Policy Press

Life After COVID-19

The Other Side of Crisis

Edited by Martin Parker

Almost every aspect of society will change after the pandemic, but if we learn lessons then life can be better. Featuring expert authors from across academia and civil society, this book offers ideas that might put us on alternative paths for positive social change.

Bristol Uni Press

Responsibility Beyond Growth

A Case for Responsible Stagnation

Critically assessing growth-based models of innovation policy, this book sparks new debate on the role of responsible innovation.

Drawing on insights from economics, politics, and science and technology studies, it proposes the concept of 'responsible stagnation' as an expansion of present discussions about growth, responsibility and innovation.

Bristol Uni Press

Compassionate Capitalism

Business and Community in Medieval England

It may seem like a recent trend, but the businesses have been practicing “Compassionate Capitalism” for nearly a thousand years. Based on the recently discovered historical documents on Cambridge’s urban property market, this transdisciplinary study presents an invaluable contribution to our knowledge of the early phases of capitalism.

Bristol Uni Press

Business and Community in Medieval England

The Cambridge Hundred Rolls Source Volume

One of the most important manuscripts surviving from thirteenth-century England, the documents known as the Hundred Rolls for Cambridge have been incomplete until the recent discovery of an additional roll.

Offering new translations and additional appendices, this invaluable volume updates the inaccurate transcription of 1818.

Bristol Uni Press

Good Finance

Why We Need a New Concept of Finance

Presenting a sharp critique of extreme financialization and the economics profession’s continuing blind faith in the efficient market hypothesis this book considers how our current concept of finance can be revised for the good of society.

Bristol Uni Press

The Moral Marketplace

How Mission-Driven Millennials and Social Entrepreneurs Are Changing Our World

Author and activist Asheem Singh explores how a movement of tiny ventures evolved into a global humanitarian and financial juggernaut, revealing new ways to fight privilege and inequality, rewire philanthropy, government and even capitalism itself.

Policy Press

The New Fundraisers

Who organises charitable giving in contemporary society?

This is the first empirically-grounded and theorised account of the identity, characteristics and motivation of fundraisers in the UK. Based on original data collected during a 3-year study of over 1,200 fundraisers, the book argues that it is not possible to understand charitable giving without accounting for the role of fundraising.

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