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Queering Science Communication

Representations, Theory, and Practice

Written by leading experts, this collection examines representations of queerness in popular science and media, asks what it means for the field to ‘queer’ science communication theories and research agendas and offers practical examples and case studies for fostering radical inclusivity and equity in the science communication field.

Bristol Uni Press

A Guide to Prisons and Penal Policy

Prisons Unlocked

This concise and accessible guide offers a critical overview of the prison system in England and Wales for students and practitioners. The book guides the reader through prison life as experienced by different stakeholder groups and is packed with learning features such as case studies and key concepts.

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Employer Engagement

Making Active Labour Market Policies Work

Active labour market policies aim to assist people not in work into work through a range of interventions including job search, training and in-work support and development. While policies and scholarship predominantly focus on jobseekers’ engagement with these initiatives, this book sheds light for the first time on the employer’s perspective.

Bristol Uni Press

Capacity, Participation and Values in Comparative Legal Perspective

With contributions from an international team of experts, this collection provides a much-needed international, comparative approach to mental capacity law.

Bristol Uni Press

Crime, Justice and COVID-19

This edited collection offers the first system-wide account of the impact of COVID-19 on crime and justice in England and Wales. Integrating first-hand narratives, it provides a critical discussion of the challenges faced by criminal justice agencies, together with policy and practice recommendations for future pandemic planning.

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Introduction to Convict Criminology

This book is the first to organize and explain current scholarship on convict criminology, corrections and criminal justice in an accessible manner. From activism to the emergence of undergraduate programmes in prisons, it provides a clear guide to the complexities of the field.

Bristol Uni Press

Where's the ‘Human’ in Human Resource Management?

Managing Work in the 21st Century

Drawing on case studies from the UK, Ireland, US and Australia, this book addresses the major workplace challenges of HRM today to create a textbook for the 21st century.

Bristol Uni Press

Rethinking Peace Mediation

Challenges of Contemporary Peacemaking Practice

Written by international practitioners and scholars, this pioneering work offers insights into the peace mediation practice and explains how multifaceted assistance has become an indispensable part of it. With its policy focus and real-world examples, this is a go-to resource for researchers and advisers involved in peace processes.

Bristol Uni Press

Social Movements and Politics During COVID-19

Crisis, Solidarity and Change in a Global Pandemic

EPUB and EPDF available Open Access under CC-BY-NC-ND licence.

Bringing together leading authors in the sociology and social movement fields from all continents, this unique book explores both the global echoes of the pandemic and the different local and national responses adopted by different actors.

Bristol Uni Press

Corporate Elites and the Reform of Public Education

Leading scholars combine theory and case studies to reveal how elite corporations are increasingly influencing how public education provision and services are delivered across the world.

Policy Press

Social Policy and Welfare Pluralism

Selected Writings of Robert Pinker

This book presents the first collection of Robert Pinker’s influential essays in one edited volume, discussing the key concepts underpinning the study of social policy and the ways in which welfare theories and ideologies together with public expectations have shaped the political processes of policy making.

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Education Systems and Inequalities

International comparisons

EPUB and EPDF available Open Access under CC-BY-NC-ND licence. Education systems and inequalities compares different education systems and their impact on creating and sustaining social inequalities.

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