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Rob Imrie

Rob Imrie is Chair of sociology at Goldsmiths, University of London, UK.
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The Short Guide to Urban Policy

This text makes sense of the multiple ways in which urban issues and problems have been addressed in different places at different times. From initiatives that focus on social tensions within the urban realm, to those which seek to develop cities as economic entities, it provides an accessible discussion and critique of some key approaches.

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Urban renaissance?

New Labour, community and urban policy

Edited by Rob Imrie and Mike Raco

This book documents and assesses the core of New Labour's approach to the revitalisation of cities.

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Sustainable London?

The Future of a Global City

Edited by Rob Imrie and Loretta Lees

An exploration of the rise of sustainable development policies in London by international authors. Essential reading for urban practitioners and policy makers, and students in social, urban and environmental geography, sociology and urban studies.

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