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Roy Walmsley

Roy Walmsley established and is Director of the World Prison Brief, a comprehensive online database of information on the prison systems of the world. He also researches and produces the World Prison Population List, the World Female Imprisonment List and the World Pre-trial/Remand Imprisonment List. Formerly deputy head of the Home Office research department, he has published studies of the prison systems of central and eastern Europe for the European Institute for Crime Prevention and Control (HEUNI) and conducted assessments of prison systems for the Council of Europe. As an expert on prisons data worldwide, he acts as an honorary consultant to the UN.


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Imprisonment Worldwide

The Current Situation and an Alternative Future

Providing a comprehensive account of prison populations worldwide, this new work links prison statistics from the last 15 years with considerations of how prisons and prison populations are managed. It is a major contribution to the knowledge of those currently debating prisons and the use of imprisonment.

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