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Sally Tomlinson

Sally Tomlinson is an Emeritus Professor at Goldsmiths London University and an Honorary Fellow in the Education Department, University of Oxford. She began her teaching career in primary school in Wolverhampton, and has spent her academic career researching, writing and teaching about race and ethnicity, and the politics of education, especially 'special' education. She was a trustee of the African Education Trust for twenty years working in in Somalia and Somaliland and Kenya.
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Education and Race from Empire to Brexit

This book offers an historically informed discussion of the failure of the education systems in Britain to counter hostilities towards racial and ethnic minorities and migrants, which have escalated after the vote to leave the European Union, and left schools and universities failing to engage with a multiracial- multicultural society.

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Social Inclusion and Higher Education

Available Open Access under CC-BY-NC licence. This book is about the experiences of students in institutions of higher education from 'non-traditional' backgrounds with contributions from the UK, the USA and Australia which reveal that the issues surrounding the inclusion of 'non-traditional' students are broadly similar in different countries.

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