Scott Timcke

Scott Timcke is Research Associate at the Centre for Social Change at the University of Johannesburg. His research focuses on the transformations of race, class and technology during modernity.


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The Political Economy of Fortune and Misfortune

Prospects for Prosperity in Our Times

Bringing together philosophical insights with social theory, this book develops a better understanding of the role luck plays in generating and reinforcing inequality. The author offers a political economy of life chances and an analysis of durable and demonstrable social inequalities, revealing how they are sustained and reproduced.

Bristol Uni Press

Algorithms and the End of Politics

How Technology Shapes 21st-Century American Life

This book is a timely analysis of the growing impact of digital technologies on populism in the US and beyond. Scott Timcke uses Marxist analysis to explore the way digital devices, social networks, data and algorithms, and the technology giants that lie behind them, are changing the way people think about politics and society.

Bristol Uni Press