Simon Prideaux

Simon Prideaux is an Associate Professor of Social Policy, Disability and Crime at the University of Leeds, UK. He has written widely on social policy and has a growing profile within disability studies. His interests take in comparative access policy, welfare discourses, conditionality and political ideologies.


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Not so New Labour

A sociological critique of New Labour's policy and practice

New Labour has concentrated many of its social policy initiatives in reinvigorating the family, community and work. But just how 'new' are the ideas driving policy and practice?

This book shows how New Labour has drawn on the ideas and premises of functionalism, which dominated British and American sociological thought from the 1940s to the 1960s.

Policy Press

State Crime and Immorality

The Corrupting Influence of the Powerful

This is the first book to examine the activities of UK and international ‘role models’ through the lens of state crime and social policy. Written by experts in the field of sociology and social policy, it provides a comprehensive discussion of state immorality and deviance generally and state crime in particular.

Policy Press

Understanding Disability Policy

Understanding disability policy explores the roles of social security, social support, poverty, socio-economic status, community safety, official discourses and spatial change in shaping disabled people's opportunities.

Policy Press