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The Political Economy of Fortune and Misfortune

Prospects for Prosperity in Our Times

Bringing together philosophical insights with social theory, this book develops a better understanding of the role luck plays in generating and reinforcing inequality. The author offers a political economy of life chances and an analysis of durable and demonstrable social inequalities, revealing how they are sustained and reproduced.

Bristol Uni Press

How Do You Know If You Are Making a Difference?

A Practical Handbook for Public Service Organisations

This book sets out practical and theoretically robust approaches for understanding and tracking change that any organisation can use to evaluate their contribution to social change and become more efficient and effective.

Policy Press

States and Welfare States

Government for the People

Most governments in the world have taken responsibility for social policy and elected to develop services in health, education and social security. This book explores the role of government and the state in the contemporary world and discusses views about government responsibility for social welfare services.

Policy Press

Politics of the Gift

Towards a Convivial Society

Drawing on French sociologist Marcel Mauss' influential theory of 'the gift', this book shows that trust is the only glue that holds societies together, and people are giving beings and they who can cooperate for the benefit of all when the logic of maximizing utility personal gain in capitalism is broken.

Bristol Uni Press

Researching with Care

Applying Feminist Care Ethics to Research Practice

This book demonstrates how an ethics of care can help researchers work through challenges and solve complex issues. Keeping social justice at the heart of research, the book shows how an ethics of care can provide a systematic approach supporting good judgements about research practices from inspection to impact.

Policy Press

Racial Diversity in Contemporary France

The Case of Colorblindness

This unique work reveals how the denial of race as a social category maintains and reproduces systematic racism in contemporary France. Léonard offers an in-depth analysis of contentious issues in society, revealing how color-blind racism is at the centre of social inequality in France.

Bristol Uni Press

The Future Is Now: An Introduction to Prefigurative Politics

Edited by Lara Monticelli

This edited collection analyses the unique characteristics of urban gardens, worker-owned coops, ecological communities, occupied factories and other social movements to demonstrate what we can learn from them in order to rethink our economies and societies.

Bristol Uni Press

Masculinities, Gender and International Relations

This book investigates masculinity/ies in relation to world politics. Explaining the gender is both an asymmetrical binary and a hierarchy, the book shows how masculinization works via ‘nested hierarchies’ of domination and subordination and explores the imbrication of masculinities with the nation-state and great power politics.

Bristol Uni Press

Critical Engagement with Public Sociology

A Perspective from the Global South

Involving four generations of Global South researchers, this book provides a theoretical and empirical critique of Burawoy’s model of public sociology. It offers a bridge between debates on public sociology and decolonial frameworks.

Bristol Uni Press

Spatializing Marcuse

Critical Theory for Contemporary Times

This reappraisal of the geographical aspects of philosopher Herbert Marcuse’s theories finds fresh meanings and contemporary applications in his work. The book reveals what they tell us about space and politics today, how they can interpret modern geopolitics and provide the tools to overturn the status quo. 

Bristol Uni Press

Care and the Pluriverse

Rethinking Global Ethics

This book examines the concept of the pluriverse alongside global ethics and the ethics of care in order to contemplate new ethical horizons for engaging across difference. Offering a challenge to the current state of the field, this book argues for a rethinking of global ethics as it has been conceived thus far.

Bristol Uni Press

Moral Gravity

Staying Together at the End of the World

This radical book unsettles how we think about taking responsibility for environmental catastrophe.

Going beyond both hopelessness and false hope as responses to climate change, Hill envisions a society that does not centre human beings at its core and calls for sustaining a coexistence of animals, plants and minerals bound by one planet.

Bristol Uni Press