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Sociology of Children and Families

Series Editors: Esther Dermott and Debbie Watson, University of Bristol, UK 

International Editorial Advisory Board
Harry Brighouse, University of Wisconsin-Madison, US
Sara Eldén, University of Lund, Sweden
Mary Jane Kehily, The Open University, UK
Zsuzsa Millei, University of Tampere, Finland
Tina Miller, Oxford Brookes University, UK
Meredith Nash, University of Tasmania, Australia
Emiko Ochiai, Kyoto University, Japan
Gillian Ranson, University of Calgary, Canada
Anna Sparrman, Linköping University, Sweden
Ulrike Zartler, University of Vienna, Austria

The Sociology of Children and Families international monograph series will bring together the latest international research on children, childhood and families and push forward theory in Sociology of childhood and family life. Books in the series will cover major global issues affecting children and families.

The series will appeal to an international and interdisciplinary audience of academics, researchers and students across sociology, social policy, childhood and youth studies, social work, politics, social and cultural geography, children’s geographies and anthropology.

The series will be international scope and welcomes submissions from books that are comparative, international or which engage with inter and cross-national literature and debates.

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Call for proposals

Proposals are invited for books that include one or a range of the following:

  • Theorising family in the 21st Century
  • Theorising contemporary parenthood
  • Parenting, motherhood and fatherhood
  • Theorising childhood
  • Family and childhoods in a global context
  • Family form (e.g. same sex parenting, step parenting, lone parent, extended families, and blended families)
  • Children’s everyday lives
  • Marriage and partnership (and divorce)
  • Transnational families and cross-cultural relationships
  • Friendship
  • Demographic change
  • Researching families
  • Researching childhoods
  • Family policy and politics
  • Families and fertility (e.g. reproductive technologies)
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Families, children and education
  • Growing up/growing older in a digital age

Contact regarding proposals
If you would like to submit a proposal, or to discuss ideas, then please contact the series editors: Esther Dermott: esther.dermott@bristol.ac.uk; Debbie Watson: Debbie.watson@bristol.ac.uk. You can also download our book proposal guidelines here. (Word)

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Black Mothers and Attachment Parenting

A Black Feminist Analysis of Intensive Mothering in Britain and Canada

This outstanding work examines black mothers’ engagements with attachment parenting and shows how it both undermines and reflects neoliberalism. Unique in its intersectional analysis, it fills a gap in the literature, drawing on black feminist theorizing to examine intensive mothering practices and policies.

Bristol Uni Press

Sharing Care

Equal and Primary Carer Fathers and Early Years Parenting

This timely study explores the experiences of fathers who take on equal or primary care responsibilities for young children.

Offering academic insight and practical recommendations, this will be key reading for researchers, policymakers, practitioners and students interested in contemporary families.

Bristol Uni Press

A Child’s Day

A Comprehensive Analysis of Change in Children’s Time Use in the UK

This rigorous review of four decades of data provides the clearest insights yet into the way children use their time. With analysis of changes in the time spent on family, education, culture and technology, as well as children’s own views on their habits, it presents a fascinating perspective on behaviour, wellbeing, social change and more.

Bristol Uni Press

Designing Parental Leave Policy

The Norway Model and the Changing Face of Fatherhood

This compelling book examines parental leave policies in Nordic countries, looking at how these laws encourage men towards life courses with greater care responsibilities. It considers the impact that these policies have had on gender equality and how they have led to a re-gendering of men by promoting ‘caring masculinities’.

Bristol Uni Press

Social Research Matters

A Life in Family Sociology

Drawing from forty years of experience, Julia Brannen offers an invaluable account of how research in family studies is conducted and ‘matters’ at particular times. An exceptional resource for family scholars and those interested in the methodology of social research.

Bristol Uni Press

Nanny Families

Practices of Care by Nannies, Au Pairs, Parents and Children in Sweden

Using Sweden as a case study, this book combines theories of family practices, care and childhood studies with the personal perspectives of nannies, au pairs, parents and children to provide new understandings of what constitutes care in nanny families.

Bristol Uni Press