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University Audit Cultures and Feminist Praxis

An Institutional Ethnography

Drawing on an unprecedented institutional ethnography of UK universities, this book uses feminist and gender lenses to critique the power, culture and structure of Higher Education institutions. Challenging the myths of how academia is governed by audit processes, it provides an opportunity to re-read and re-write these institutions from within.

Bristol Uni Press

The Death of Affirmative Action?

Racialized Framing and the Fight Against Racial Preference in College Admissions

Can affirmative action in US college admissions survive mounting threats? This judicious review, part of the Sociology of Diversity series, considers the question using up-to-date sociological, policy and legal perspectives to explain both sides of the fierce debate over affirmative action in the context of prominent Supreme Court cases.

Bristol Uni Press

Contesting Higher Education

Student Movements against Neoliberal Universities

This close investigation of student protests in the UK, Canada, Chile and Italy represents the first comparative review of the subject. Setting the wave of demonstrations within the contexts of student activism, social issues and political movements, it casts new light on their impact on higher education and on the broader society.

Bristol Uni Press

Critical Racial and Decolonial Literacies

Breaking the Silence

Combining critical race and indigenous theories, this collection explores critical racial literacy and anti-racist praxis in Australia's education system. Demystifying 'critical anti-racism praxis,' it advocates for multidisciplinary approaches, offering actionable ideas from educators across a range of disciplines.

Bristol Uni Press

Resistance through Higher Education

Myanmar Universities’ Struggle against Authoritarianism

By exploring Myanmar’s social and political struggles through the lens of higher education resistance, the book offers a compelling narrative about the life of the country following the latest coup d’état, an event that continues to puzzle the international community.

Bristol Uni Press

The Science of Housework

The Home and Public Health, 1880-1940

This book recaptures the buried history of the household science movement, including domestic science teaching, public health, higher education for women and the scientific content and aims of domestic science courses.

Policy Press

Reframing Education Failure and Aspiration

The Rise of the Meritocracy

Education is seen as central to social mobility and equality and, following a drive to raise learners’ aspirations, an ‘aspiration industry’ has emerged. This book traces education policy developments and argues that for learners to have aspirations that do not require qualifications should be regarded as different, not wrong.

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The Degree Generation

The Making of Unequal Graduate Lives

This book traces the transition to the graduate labour market of a cohort of middle-class and working-class young people. Using personal stories and voices, it provides fascinating insights into their experience of graduate employment and how their life-course transitions are shaped by their social backgrounds and education.

Bristol Uni Press

The Rise of External Actors in Education

Shifting Boundaries Globally and Locally

Reviewing diverse sites, including the US, Cambodia, Israel, Poland, Chile, Australia, and Brazil, this book considers how schooling systems are being influenced by the rise of external actors who increasingly determine the content, delivery, and governance of education.

Policy Press

Ability, Inequality and Post-Pandemic Schools

Rethinking Contemporary Myths of Meritocracy

Alice Bradbury discusses how the meritocracy myth reinforces educational inequalities and analyses how the recent educational developments of datafication and neuroscience might challenge how we classify and label children as we rebuild a post-pandemic schooling system.

Policy Press

Educational Transitions and Social Justice

Understanding Upper Secondary School Choices in Urban Contexts

Edited by Aina Tarabini

Drawing on qualitative analysis in Barcelona and Madrid, this book explores upper secondary educational transitions in urban contexts, the different political, institutional and subjective dimensions of these transitions and the multiple mechanisms of inequality that traverse them.

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Exploring Digital Technology in Education

Why Theory Matters and What to Do about It

The field of digital technology in education has long been under-theorised. This book will enable the reader to reflect on the use of theory when explaining technology use and set out ways in which we can theorise better.

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