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White Minds

Everyday Performance, Violence and Resistance

In this powerful book, Kinouani uniquely examines the psychological and psychic factors involved in the reproduction of ‘whiteness’ and reveals how these intersect with race dynamics, race inequality and racial violence.

Policy Press

Migration, Health and Inequalities

Critical Activist Research Across Ecuadorean Borders

This interdisciplinary activist research project shows the health and wellbeing impacts of transnational migration on Ecuadorean families. Roberta Villalón documents the intersection of social inequalities and migration and health policies, and how individual and collective action challenge marginalising structures and foster social justice.

Bristol Uni Press

Women, Welfare and Productivism in East Asia and Europe

Developing the new framework of ‘life-mix’, which considers the mixed patterns of caring and working in different periods of life, this book explores the interplay of productivism, women, care and work in East Asia and Europe.

Policy Press

The Death of The Left

Why We Must Begin from the Beginning Again

Winlow and Hall argue that the only way to resurrect leftist politics is to begin from the beginning again. They identify the root causes of its maladies, describe how new cultural obsessions displaced core unifying principles, and outline how a new reincarnation of the left can win in the 21st century.

Policy Press

A Year Like No Other

Life on a Low Income during COVID-19

Telling the stories of low-income families, this book exposes the ways that pre-existing inequalities, insecurities and hardships were amplified during the pandemic in the UK and offers key policy recommendations for change.

Policy Press

Navigating the European Migration Regime

Male Migrants, Interrupted Journeys and Precarious Lives

EPDF and EPUB available Open Access under CC-BY-NC- ND

Anna Wyss’ insightful account of male migrants’ journeys around Europe brings new perspectives to the European migration crisis and masculinity issues.

Bristol Uni Press

The Swedish Experiment

The COVID-19 Response and its Controversies

Bristol Uni Press

The Deadly Intersections of COVID-19

Race, States, Inequalities and Global Society

Edited by Sunera Thobani
Bristol Uni Press

Youth Beyond the City

International Perspectives From the Periphery

Bristol Uni Press

Feminist Politics in Neoconservative Russia

An Ethnography of Activism, Resistance and Resources

This is an important account of grassroots feminist activism in Russia in the politically turbulent 2010s characterized by authoritarian and conservative trends. Drawing on interviews and rich ethnographic data, the book walks the reader through different feminist practices, revealing their historic and contemporary political echoes.

Bristol Uni Press

The Rise of External Actors in Education

Shifting Boundaries Globally and Locally

Reviewing diverse sites, including the US, Cambodia, Israel, Poland, Chile, Australia and Brazil, this book considers how schooling systems are being influenced by the rise of external actors who increasingly determine the content, delivery and governance of education.

Policy Press

Constructing the Higher Education Student

Perspectives from across Europe

Amid debates about the future of both higher education and Europeanisation, this book is the first full-length exploration of how Europe’s 35 million students are understood by key social actors across different nations.

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