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Stephen Gorard

Stephen Gorard is Professor of Education and Public Policy at Durham University. He is a member of the UK DfE Associate Pool, the British Academy grants panel, the ESRC commissioning panel for Strategic Networks, and Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences. He regularly gives advice to governments and other policy-makers, and is a widely read and cited methodologist, involved in international and regional capacity-building activities, and used as an adviser on the design of rigorous evaluations by central and local governments, NGOs and charities.


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Education Policy

Evidence of Equity and Effectiveness

Supported by 20 years of extensive, international research, this approachable text brings invaluable insights into the underlying problems within education policy, and proposes practical solutions for a brighter future.

Policy Press

Creating a learning society?

Learning careers and policies for lifelong learning

Lifelong learning is a key government strategy - both in the UK and internationally - to promote economic growth and combat social exclusion. This book presents a highly innovative study of participation in lifelong learning and the problems which need to be overcome if lifelong learning policies are to be successful.

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