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Studies in Social Harm

Series Editors: Christina Pantazis, University of Bristol, UK and Simon Pemberton, University of Birmingham, UK

“This series considers what matters most. Our value system is out of kilter. We imprison people, mostly the poorest, often for committing minor crimes, including not being able to pay back debts. We frequently laud those who can commit the most harm as wealth creators. Now is the right time for a focus on who is harmed most, how and why.” Danny Dorling, University of Oxford

Social harm is an emerging field of study which contributes to contemporary social and political debate. This exciting series moves the debate towards a holistic approach that seeks to understand the production of harm within contemporary society. The topical inter-disciplinary series offers comparative and international perspectives to understand the distribution of harm and combines new theory and empirical research.

Contact regarding proposals

If you would like to submit a proposal, or discuss ideas, then please contact the Series Editors:
Christina Pantazis, c.pantazis@bristol.ac.uk
Simon Pemberton, s.pemberton.1@bham.ac.uk
Rebecca Tomlinson, Rebecca.Tomlinson@bristol.ac.uk (Commissioning Editor for Criminology, Bristol University Press)

Editorial advisory board

Lois Bibbings, University of Bristol, UK
Danny Dorling, University of Oxford, UK
Geetangoli Gangoli, University of Durham, UK
Barry Glassner, Lewis and Clark College, US
Paddy Hillyard, Queen’s University Belfast, UK
James Nazroo, University of Manchester, UK
Marty Schwartz, University of Ohio, US
Rob White, University of Tasmania, Australia
Ifeanyi Ezeonu, Brock University, Canada
Lois Presser, University of Tennessee, US
Hanna Malik, University of Turku, Finland
Elizabeth Stanley, University of Wellington, New Zealand
Chris Grover, University of Lancaster, UK
Rowland Atkinson, University of Sheffield, UK
Dylan Kerrigan, University of the West Indies/Univerity of Leicester