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Transforming Care

Series Editors: Costanzo Ranci, Polytechnic University of Milan, and Tine Rostgaard, Stockholm University and Roskilde University

As care and care work have been thrust into the international spotlight, the increased need for empirical, theoretical and methodological investigation into social care and care policy and practice has been revealed.

Addressing social care and care policy and practice at an international level, this timely new series provides a crucial platform for scholars researching early childhood care, care for adults with disabilities and long-term care for frail older people. The series will consider four dimensions of social care:

  • the institutional setting of care systems and policy;
  • care arrangements and practices;
  • social and policy innovation for care services and arrangements;
  • formal and informal care work.

 This series is linked to the Transforming Care Network, which is open for researchers into care.

Call for proposals

The Series Editors welcome proposals for books that represent empirical and theoretical contributions on social care at a global level. Proposals from disciplines of social policy, political science, economics, sociology, social work, anthropology and ethnography are encouraged.

They particularly welcome books focusing on the following themes in care policy and governance:

  • Institutional setting and public regulation of care systems and care policy
  • Governance of care
  • Changing ideologies and cultural ideas on care
  • Care policy funding and affordability
  • Public or private arrangements and the role of non-profit and /or for-profit organisations
  • Marketisation and privatisation of care
  • Care and work reconciliation
  • Inclusion and selection criteria, quality of care
  • Care arrangements
  • Caregiving
  • Organisation of care services
  • Cash for care
  • ECEC services, childcare benefits, care leaves
  • Long-term care services and cash benefits
  • Care services and cash benefits for the care of people with disability
  • Changes in care and caring organisations
  • Working conditions of care workers
  • Migrant care workers
  • New technologies
  • Welfare mix and role of civil society in care policy
  • New theoretical and methodological perspectives on care policy
  • The impact of COVID-19 on care policy and practices

 If you would like to discuss a proposal, please direct your email to the Series Editors and, if desired, the Commissioning Editor at Policy Press:

Costanzo Ranci, costanzo.ranci@polimi.it
Tine Rostgaard, tine.rostgaard@socarb.su.se; tiro@ruc.dk
Isobel Bainton, Commissioning Editor, isobel.bainton@bristol.ac.uk

Editorial Advisory Board

  • Karina Batthyany Dighiero, University of the Republic, Uruguay
  • Teppo Kröger, University of Jyväskylä, Finland
  • August Oesterle, Vienna University of Business, Austria
  • Birgit Pfau-Effinger, Hamburg University, Germany
  • Marta Szebehely, Stockholm University, Sweden
  • Hildegard Theobald, Vechta University, Germany
  • Barbara Da Roit, Ca' Foscari University of Venice, Italy