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Vasilios Ioakimidis

Vasilios Ioakimidis is Editor of the British Journal of Social Work, Founding Professor of Social Work and Director of the Centre for Social Work at the University of Essex and a founding member of the Social Work Action Network.
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Social Work’s Histories of Complicity and Resistance

A Tale of Two Professions

This book rethinks social work’s history of both political resistance and complicity with oppressive practice. Comparing international case studies, the book uncovers the role of social workers in politically tense episodes of recent history, skilfully navigating the profession’s collective political past while considering its future.

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Social Work and the COVID-19 Pandemic

International Insights

This book provides an urgent critical exploration of how Social Work can and should respond to the COVID-19 crisis. It examines the ways that social work has responded in different nations across the Global North and Global South.

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Global Social Work in a Political Context

Radical Perspectives

How is social work shaped by global issues and international problems and how should it address them? Taking a radical perspective, this book reveals what we can learn from different approaches from across the globe.

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Social work in extremis

Lessons for social work internationally

This important book looks at social work responses in different countries to extreme social, economic and political situations including war situations, military regimes, earthquakes and tsunamis.

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