Xavier Rambla

Dr. Xavier Rambla is an Associate Professor at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain. He has led research projects on educational reform, education, poverty and social exclusion, educational development and policies addressing early school leaving in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Spain. He has also collaborated in projects on education and social cohesion in Europe, and critical co-educational action-research in several regions in Spain. Dr. Rambla has also worked to connect academic research with professional practice by collaborating as a consultant with some civil society organizations. His current research interests are educational governance and its implications for inequalities and human development.


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Lifelong Learning Policies for Young Adults in Europe

Navigating between Knowledge and Economy

This comprehensive collection discusses topical issues that are essential to both scholarship and policy making in the realm of lifelong learning policies and how far they succeed in supporting young people across their life courses, rather than one-sidedly fostering human capital for the economy.

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