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Youth justice

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Turning Global Rights into Local Realities

Realizing Children’s Rights in Ghana’s Pluralistic Society

Focusing on Ghana, this book explores the intersection of dominant children's rights principles with lived realities. Challenging one-dimensional portrayals, it advocates for more holistic approaches to the study of children’s lives and children’s rights realization in Southern contexts.

Bristol Uni Press

Youth Justice

Towards a Contextualised Understanding of Policy-Making

Policy development and implementation has a pivotal role in the youth justice system, with a profound impact upon professionals and the children they work with. Presenting original research on a variety of stakeholder policy-makers in England and Wales, this book is key reading for researchers and practitioners responding to youth offending.

Policy Press

Desistance and Children

Critical Reflections from Theory, Research and Practice

‘Desistance’ - understanding how people move away from offending – has become a significant policy focus in recent years, with desistance thinking transplanted from the adult to the youth justice system in England and Wales. This book is the first to critique this approach to justice-involved children.

Policy Press

What Matters and Who Matters to Young People Leaving Care

A New Approach to Planning

EPDF and EPUB are available open access under CC BY NC ND licence. This publication was supported by University of Essex's open access fund.

Peter Appleton builds on research interviews with care-experienced young adults, and on cross-disciplinary theories of planning and of emotions, to develop a model of planning for young people leaving care.

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Exploring Urban Youth Culture Outside of the Gang Paradigm

Critical Questions of Youth, Gender and Race On-Road

Young people ‘on-road’ are often criminalised due to interlocking structural inequalities. Looking beyond concerns about gangs, the book addresses the concerns of practitioners, policy makers and scholars in analysing aspects and misinterpretations of the shifting realities of young people’s urban life.

Bristol Uni Press

The Criminalisation of Unaccompanied Migrant Minors

Voices from the Detention Processes in Greece

Greece is a key EU entry country for unaccompanied migrant minors seeking safety but such children are frequently criminalised through detention processes. Giving voice to migrant children throughout, Papadopoulos promotes child-friendly practices and the safeguarding of fundamental rights.

Bristol Uni Press

Crime, Justice and COVID-19

This edited collection offers the first system-wide account of the impact of COVID-19 on crime and justice in England and Wales. Integrating first-hand narratives, it provides a critical discussion of the challenges faced by criminal justice agencies, together with policy and practice recommendations for future pandemic planning.

Policy Press

Adverse Childhood Experiences and Serious Youth Violence

Whereas crime more generally has fallen over the last 20 years, levels of serious youth violence remain high. This book explores the relationship between adverse childhood experiences and serious youth violence and advocates for a more psychosocial approach to trauma-informed policy and practice within the youth justice system.

Bristol Uni Press

Refugee Youth

Migration, Justice and Urban Space

Telling the stories of young refugees in a range of international settings, this book explores how newcomers navigate urban spaces and negotiate multiple injustices in their everyday lives, giving voice to refugee youth from a wide variety of social backgrounds.

Bristol Uni Press

Dealing, Music and Youth Violence

Neighbourhood Relational Change, Isolation and Youth Criminality

With fascinating ethnographic and interview data, James Alexander explores the disappearance of localised relationships and the rise in youth violence in a South London housing estate. Evaluating the effectiveness of youth work programmes, he considers the impact of the gradual move from neighbourly to professional support for young people.

Bristol Uni Press

Against Youth Violence

A Social Harm Perspective

Youth violence dominates headlines and politicians’ attention and many organisations invest considerable resources in an attempt to reduce it. This book examines how inequality and social harms drive such violence and highlights key future goals for policymakers, researchers and practitioners.

Bristol Uni Press

Gendered Perspectives on Preventing Violent Extremism

Women and 'Prevent'

The UK’s ‘Prevent’ strategy aims to prevent radicalisation and often engages with women as mothers; enlisted to watch over their families.

This book reveals how Prevent goes beyond counterterrorism, to fund projects such as support for victims of domestic violence and parenting courses, shaping wider engagement with women in society.

Bristol Uni Press