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Yunis Alam

Yunis Alam is a sociologist, working at the University of Bradford. His research interests span ethnic relations, popular culture, ethnography and postcolonial literatures. He has also published a number of novels and short stories.
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Race, Taste, Class and Cars

Cars transmit and modify our identities behind the wheel. As a symbol of independence and freedom, the car projects status, class, taste and, significantly, embeds racialisation. Using fascinating research from drivers, Alam unpicks the ways in which our identity is enhanced and driven.

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Lived Diversities

Space, Place and Identities in the Multi-Ethnic City

Focusing on multi-ethnic interaction in an inner city area, this book addresses difficult issues that are often simplistically and negatively portrayed, challenging the stereotypical denigration of inner city life, and Muslim communities in particular.

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Social cohesion and counter-terrorism

A policy contradiction?

This book offers a unique research-based contribution to the debate around community cohesion and counter-terrorism policies in Britain. It is an essential read for academics, policy makers and practitioners concerned with the management of ethnic diversity.

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