Zoë Irving

Dr Zoe Irving is a Senior Lecturer at the University of York and a member of the Executive Committee of the UK Social Policy Association. Published works surrounding Social Policy, gender employment and economic crises.


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Exploring the World of Social Policy

An International Approach

Authored by two highly respected and experienced academics, this book demonstrates the rewards of studying social policy from an international perspective by avoiding the constraints of a single-nation focus.

Policy Press

Social Policy in Times of Austerity

Global Economic Crisis and the New Politics of Welfare

The 2008 global economic crisis has led to a new age of austerity, based more on politics than economics, which threatens to undermine the very foundations of the welfare state. However, as resistance to the logic of austerity grows, this important book argues that there is still room for optimism.

Policy Press

Social Policy Review 27

Analysis and Debate in Social Policy, 2015

This exciting volume brings together international scholarship to address a broad range of issues including the effects of financialisation on services and care provision, policies to address deficiencies in housing and labour markets and ways in which the study of social policy may need to develop.

Policy Press

Social Policy Review 26

Analysis and Debate in Social Policy, 2014

This important annual volume examines the economic and political challenges that have confronted governments over the past year, and highlights the diverse ways in which nations have responded, providing academics and students with an invaluable up-to-date analysis of the current state of social policy.

Policy Press

Social Policy Review 25

Analysis and Debate in Social Policy, 2013

This latest edition of Social Policy Review presents an up-to-date and diverse review of the best in social policy scholarship with a special focus on work, employment and insecurity.

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Social policy in challenging times

Economic crisis and welfare systems

Bringing together a range of expert contributions, this book is the first to address the relationship between the economic crisis and social policy within an international context. The key lesson to emerge is that 'the crisis' is better understood as a variety of crises, each mediated by national context.

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Policy reconsidered

Meanings, politics and practices

This book identifies key topics in the policy arena, subjecting them to sustained theoretical and practical appraisal. It shows the advantage of applying a cross-disciplinary lens to the study of 'policy', presenting critical and reflective engagements with theory and practice at all levels of political organisation within a range of contexts.

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