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John Kendall

John Kendall previously worked as a commercial solicitor. He lectured on commercial dispute resolution in academic and professional settings. He was originally the sole author of Kendall on Expert Determination (5th edition, Sweet & Maxwell, 2014) and has written numerous articles. In retirement John worked as a custody visitor, and found it profoundly unsatisfactory. He undertook a self-funded research project and obtained access to the visitors, custody blocks, the police, and detainees. He was awarded a PhD for this research by the University of Birmingham, and this book is the result of that research.
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Regulating police detention

Voices from behind closed doors

Custody visitors are volunteers who make unannounced visits to police custody blocks to check on the welfare of detainees. However, there is a fundamental power imbalance between the police and these visitors. This timely book offers detailed proposals for radically reforming custody visiting to make it an effective regulator of police behaviour.

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