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The Handbook of Creative Data Analysis

Edited by Helen Kara, Dawn Mannay and Alastair Roy


Sep 1, 2024

Page count

464 pages




244 x 170 mm


Policy Press


Sep 1, 2024

Page count

464 pages




244 x 170 mm


Policy Press
The Handbook of Creative Data Analysis

Creative research methods for data generation have expanded over recent decades and researchers are eager to take a creative approach to data analysis.

It is challenging to bring creativity into data analysis while retaining a systematic, rigorous and ethical approach. Written by experts in the field, this handbook addresses these challenges. The chapters adapt analytical techniques in creative ways for novice and expert researchers. Existing and novel methods from analysis of quantitative data to embodied, performative, visual, written, arts-based and collaborative analysis are featured with transferable case-examples across disciplines.

This collection offers a definitive practical guide to creative data analysis.

Helen Kara is a researcher, author, teacher and speaker specialising in research methods, particularly creative methods, and research ethics at We Research It.

Dawn Mannay is Professor of Creative Research Methodologies at Cardiff University.

Alastair Roy is Professor of Social Research at the University of Central Lancashire.

1. Introduction - Dawn Mannay, Alastair Roy and Helen Kara

Part 1: Creative Analysis of Quantitative Data

2. Five Survive Lockdown: Re-Visualising Survey Data as a Graphic Novella - Kate Carruthers Thomas

3. Visually Mapping the Interplay between Pandemic Interest Groups and ‘the Vulnerable’ in Newspaper Accounts, 2018-2022 - Stuart Neilson and Neil Kenny

4. Using Discourse Analysis to Inform Content Analysis: A Pragmatic, Mixed Methods Approach Exploring How the Headteacher Role is Articulated in Job Descriptions - Alexandra Morgan, Andrew James Davies and Emmajane Milton

5. What Can Creative Data Analysis Using Word Clouds Tell Us About Student Views of Learning Something New? - Louise Gascoine, Kate Wall And Steve Higgins

Part 2: Creative Embodied Analysis

6. Analysing Creative Multi-Modal Data for a Scientific Audience - Jennifer S. Leigh, Jennifer R. Hiscock, Sarah Koops, Anna J. Mcconnell, Cally J.E. Haynes, Claudia Caltagirone, Marion Kieffer, Emily R. Draper, Anna G. Slater, Kristin M. Hutchins, Davita Watkins, Nathalie Busschaert, and Larissa K.S. Von Krbek

7. Object-Work as a Creative Approach to Data Analysis in Embodied Inquiry - Nicole Brown

8. Body of Learning: A Composite Approach to Analysis for Embodied Methodology - Rachel Kurtz and Laura Mazzoli-Smith

Part 3: Creative Performative Analysis

9. Rewriting in Role: Inviting Readers through Imagination - Claire Coleman

10. A Mosaic of Siblings of Cystic Fibrosis: A Creative Dramaturgical Analysis - Amie Hodges

11. Theatrical Research-Based Performance: An Analytic Method Using Theatre in an Educational Context - David Duncan

Part 4: Creative Visual Analysis

12. Co-Creation of a Sensory Assemblage as Data Analysis - Melanie Roberts and Anne Collis

13. Creating Artworks From Data - Charlotte Barratt

14. Using Emoji As a Creative Tool for Data Analysis - Anuja Cabraal and Lauren Gawne

Part 5: Creative Written Analysis

15. I-Poems and Polyvocality: Experiences of Using a Combined Qualitative Creative Analysis Technique to Strengthen the Voices of Research Participants and Aid Reflexivity - Jacqueline Dodding and Hazel Partington

16. Composite Narratives, Developing Characters: A Method of Creative Data Analysis in Developing Public Engagement Artefacts - Lauren White, Adam Carter and Katherine Davies

17. Beyond the Brick Wall: Transdisciplinary and Creative Research through Scholarly Personal Narrative and Lilyology - Dawn Wink

Part 6: Creative Arts-Based Analysis

18. Slow Stitch: Creative Analysis and (Re)Presentation - Naomi Clarke

19. Analogue Journey Method: A Tool for Sense-Making and Communication - Karen Gray and Emma Lazenby

20. Using Creative Mapping Methods to Analyse Multi-Modal/Sensory Data - Erin Roberts, Merryn Thomas, Karen Henwood and Nick Pidgeon

Part 7: Existing Methods Adapted in Creative Ways

21. Embracing Creativity in Familiarisation - Louise Couceiro

22. How to Be Creative When Creativity is Policed - Shehr Bano Zaidi

23. Visual Grounded Theory: A New Way of Seeing, Knowing, and Constructing Theories Grounded in Data - Jacquie Ridge

24. But is it Professional? Pairing Creative Practice and Thematic Analysis to Illustrate Organisational Culture - Kyla Tully

Part 8: Analysis with Participants

25. Creative Data Analysis and Interpretation through Knowledge Translation and Co-Production: An Example from Sexual Health Research - Mar Estupiñán Fdez. De Mesa, Melvina Woode Owusu, Makeda Gerressu, Gwenda Hughes, and Catherine Mercer

26. Creative Collaborative Data Analysis: Co-Constructing and Co-Analysing the Data Together - Jessica Mannion

27. Perspective Narrative Analysis: Analysing Data Creatively within a Participatory Research Group - Chloe East, Feydakeen Smith, Iris, Zaynab Charafi, Zoe Fordham, Annie Champion, and Carys Jones

Part 9: Pushing The Boundaries

28. Analysing the Unspoken: Finding the Richness Created in Dialogue with People who Cannot Speak - Katherine Broomfield

29. Speculative A/R/Tography - Kathryn Coleman, Sarah Healy, Abbey Macdonald and Peter Cook

30. Between Two Worlds: Creative Qualitative Data Analysis and Researcher Identity - Karen Hammond and Nick Fuller

31. Conclusion - Alastair Roy, Dawn Mannay and Helen Kara