Policy Press

Meet the team


Alison Shaw

Chief Executive Officer

Books Editorial

Isobel Bainton

Senior Commissioning Editor

Sarah Bird

Commissioning Editor

Inga Boardman

Senior Publishing Assistant

Grace Carroll

Senior Editorial Assistant

Helen Davis


Zoë Forbes

Assistant Editor

Isobel Green

Senior Editorial Assistant

George Miller

Publisher (Freelance)

Ginny Mills

Senior Commissioning Editor

Ellen Mitchell
Ellen Mitchell

Editorial Assistant

Ellen Pearce

Commissioning Editor

Victoria Pittman

Editorial Director

Anna Richardson

Senior Editorial Assistant

Emily Ross

Senior Commissioning Editor

Paul Stevens


Rebecca Tomlinson

Commissioning Editor

Laura Vickers-Rendall

Senior Commissioning Editor

Emily Watt

Publisher and Team Leader for Policy Press

Stephen Wenham

Publisher and Deputy Editorial Director

Contact the Commissioning Editor in your subject area:

Ageing and Gerontology, Sociology - Emily Ross
Business, Management and Economics - Ellen Pearce
Children, Young People and Families, Health and Social Care, Social Work  - Isobel Bainton
Community Development - Sarah Bird
Criminology, Criminal Justice - Rebecca Tomlinson
Environment and Sustainability, Human Geography, Planning and Housing - Emily Watt
Social and Public Policy - Laura Vickers-Rendall
International Development, Politics and International Relations - Stephen Wenham
Law - Helen Davis
Science, Technology and Society, Social Research Methods - Paul Stevens
Social justice issues, current affairs, politics, culture and the climate crisis. Ginny Mills


Sarah Bird

Development Editor

Thea Cook

Senior Journals Marketing Executive

Sian Durham

Senior Journals Assistant

Katie Foxall
Katie Foxall

Journals Manager (maternity cover)

Ella Gibbs

Journals Executive

Sharon Harris

Journals Development Editor

Julia Mortimer

Journals and Open Access Director

Kate Spratt
Kate Spratt

Journals Editorial Assistant

Edwina Thorn

Journals Manager (on maternity leave)


Vaarunika Dharmapala

Books Production Manager

Leonie Drake

Journals Production Manager

Daniel Gill

Senior Production Editor

Alexandra Gregory

Assistant Production Editor

Jess Mitwright

Head of Production

Emily Simpson

Production Assistant

Anna Tolstukhina
Anna Tolstukhina

Production Assistant

Ruth Wallace

Senior Production Editor

Dave Worth

Product Delivery Manager

Sales and Marketing

Georgie Aldridge

Key Account Sales Executive

Julie Atkins

Global Sales Manager

Simon Bell

Institutional Sales Manager

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Jack Sloan

Sales Assistant

Angela Gage

Marketing Coordinator

Martha Gleeson

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Jo Greig

Sales & Marketing Director

Rich Kemp

Marketing Coordinator (maternity cover)

Kathryn King

Marketing Manager

Amber Lanfranchi

Marketing Coordinator

Jessica Miles

Digital Marketing Manager and EDI Lead

Bahar Muller 

Marketing Executive

Millie Prekop

Marketing Coordinator

Irine Qavtaradze

Marketing and Conferences Assistant

Heather Townsend

Sales and Customer Service Coordinator

Abbie Tozer

Digital Marketing Assistant 

Phylicia Ulibarri-Eglīte

Marketing Executive (on maternity leave)

Contact the Marketing Lead in your subject area:

Ageing and Gerontology, and Sociology - Amber Lanfranchi
Business and Management, Economics and Society, Law, Science, Technology and Society, and Social Research Methods - Bahar Muller
Children, Young People and Families, International Development, Politics and International Relations, and Social Work - Rich Kemp
Community Development, Criminology, Criminal Justice, Environment and Sustainability, Human Geography, Planning and Housing, and Urban Studies - Angela Gage
Education, Health and Social Care, and Social and Public Policy - Millie Prekop
Trade - Kathryn King

Operations and Finance

Enzo Bavetta

Digital Development Executive

James Bosanquet

Product Data Officer

Sarah Breaux

Senior Executive Assistant

Elizaveta Chowdhury

Finance and Sales Administrator

Katie Duffy

Finance Manager

Andy Williams

Operations Director