Rights and permissions


All books, reports and journals published by Bristol University Press and its imprint Policy Press are held under copyright. To protect copyright on behalf of our authors, co-funders and ourselves, we ask you to respect copyright when using any of our material. In the UK, copyright applies to published works until the end of the 70th year after the author’s death, or, if first published posthumously, 70 years from the end of the year of publication.

Permission is not required for extracts considered to be within the conventions of Fair Dealing – that is, for purposes of criticism or review. See 'Fair Dealing when copying from books, journals and similar materials' from De Montfort University.

Permission is not required for single prose extracts of up to 400 words, or for a series of quotations from the same source totalling up to 800 words, provided that each quotation is less than 300 words and that the source is acknowledged.

Permission is required for any table, figure, map or illustration that is to be reproduced in its entirety. If you require permission, please go to www.plsclear.com to log the details of your request and we will get back to you. Alternatively you can use the PLSclear widget below to submit your request. If you intend to edit or alter the original material in any way, we ask you to supply us with a copy of the final material as it is intended to appear in your own publication, along with your permissions request. If permission is not required, please still ensure that full acknowledgement is given to the author, title, year of publication and publisher (as per copyright page).


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There is usually a charge for use of our material, but this is negotiated on a case-by-case basis. If permission is granted, you will receive a letter confirming this and any terms and conditions, as well as an invoice for use of the material.

Response time

Please be aware that dealing with permissions requests can take some time. We aim to respond within three weeks of a request, but during busy periods it may take longer. It is therefore advisable to allow at least four weeks to obtain permission. We will try and deal with requests more quickly if this exceeds your print date, but please mark the date permission is required by clearly on your request.


If you are resident in the UK and you have a photocopying licence with the Copyright Licensing Agency please check the terms of your licence. (For the US your licence may be with the Copyright Clearance Center). 

If your photocopying request falls within the terms of your licence, you may proceed without seeking further permission. If your request exceeds the terms of your licence, please contact the Copyright Licensing Agency directly with your request. If you do not have a licence, please complete our Permissions request form (pdf).


If you have any permissions-related queries, please contact zoe.forbes@bristol.ac.uk in the first instance.

Policy on self archiving and institutional repositories

Bristol University Press and Policy Press permit authors to archive their contributions to journals and some other Bristol University Press and Policy Press publications on non-commercial websites. For more information see our Policy on self archiving and institutional repositories.


Translation rights

Foreign translation rights may be licensed for most of our titles.

For Chinese translation rights we are represented by Rightol Media and for French translation rights we are represented by Marotte et Compagnie.

Our agent for all territories excluding Japan, China, Taiwan, France and Korea is Eulama International Literary Agency.

To obtain information about the availability of translation rights please contact georgie.aldridge@bristol.ac.uk with the author name, title and ISBN of the book or report you wish to translate, your name and full contact and company details.

Please note that translation rights can only be licensed to registered publishing companies.

If you are a publisher and wish to receive information about our titles on a regular basis, we would be grateful if you could email pp-marketing@bristol.ac.uk with your contact details.

To see our full range of titles, please download our latest rights flyer, visit our subject pages or download a PDF version of our full catalogue.

If you are a publisher or agent and would like to receive details of our rights highlights and forthcoming publications please email georgie.aldridge@bristol.ac.uk