Publishing with a purpose

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Global social challenges

Discovering, publishing and disseminating work that addresses local and global issues that face societies today.

Bristol University Press is unique - it is a young university press with a bold, new vision that emerges out of Policy Press’ long-held, critically-acclaimed reputation as a key publisher on social issues, with an ethos of social justice and respect for diversities.

Bristol University Press' vision is to represent Policy Press and the University of Bristol in a broader, international arena to become the first choice for authors who want to combine academic and professional credibility with publishing that challenges the status quo.  One of our guiding lights at Bristol University Press is the desire to get cutting-edge, evidence-based social science into the hands of those who can use it to make a difference.

Globalisation and new technology have changed the world fundamentally and we are excited to be creating new lists that address the global issues the world community now faces.

We will challenge divisive or territorial narratives and the growing sense of distrust and confusion where information is no longer deemed trustworthy.  In this environment we will commission and disseminate academic and professional publications that are rigorously researched and peer-reviewed, to provide reliable knowledge that carry opportunities for practical impact.

We have never been afraid of the big issues.

Reflecting on the United Nations’ and World Economic Forum’s grand challenges, and on our own priorities, we are actively seeking to champion evidence-informed, bold thinking from anywhere in the world that helps to shape our understanding of society and address the challenges we face including:

  • Ageing society
  • Climate change
  • Conflict, security, peace and migration
  • Democracy, power and society
  • Equality of opportunity and social justice
  • Global health and wellbeing
  • Innovation and sustainable practice
  • Poverty, wealth and inequality
  • Sustainable jobs and the future of work
  • Technology for social good

Bristol University Press is in a unique position to define its vision in alignment with current global issues while following the traditional quality control that a first-rank university press offers. As a not-for-profit press we are free to stand by our values, putting issues before profit and rigorous research before sensationalism.