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Global social challenges

One of our key aims as a publisher is to focus on the global social challenges we face. Our social world is rapidly changing with the development of new technology, challenges to expertise and evidence-based knowledge, the effects of climate change, continued poverty and inequality, and now the need for COVID-19 recovery. 

Reflecting on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and the World Economic Forum’s Global Challenges, our publishing supports the need to address society's biggest problems from the global to the local, encompassing the Global North and the Global South, focussing on the areas highlighted below.

We have always supported academic research’s role in providing sustainable solutions to global social issues, proactively ensuring that it has an impact beyond academia. Our Transforming Society blog, for example, brings research to a wider audience, and innovative formats like our COVID-19 Collection and Rapid Responses allow authors to make a timely impact to influence thinking, policy and practice on current affairs.

Bristol University Press was shortlisted for the University Press Redux Sustainability Award 2020. Find out more in this video from Chief Executive Alison Shaw:

We are publishing to address the Global Social Challenges across the following areas. Find out more by clicking on the links:

Coming soon: Cities and Communities, Culture and Society, Education and Learning, Food, Water and Shelter and Justice, Law and Human Rights.