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Global health and wellbeing

Throughout history, one of humanity's greatest challenges has always been our health and wellbeing. Through centuries of research and dedication we have come along in leaps and bounds, no longer threathened by many previously fatal health problems. However, when it comes to global health, there is still much to be done.

The health inequalities in our society, especially when taken internationally, are stark. Health literacy around the world is irregular, particularly in communities that struggle to even get basic access to healthcare, and the long term links between poverty and health are becoming more evident as research continues.

Our work focuses on identifying, and providing potential solutions to, many problems in this area, from increasing the awareness of mental health issues and best practices to help combat them, to healthcare systems and the privitisation of the NHS. Improving international health is vital, so making sure the research and progress that is made in this area is accessible is of upmost importance.

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