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The Press and our mission

Who we are and what we believe in.

Governance and the University of Bristol

Find out about our relationship with the University of Bristol and who is on our boards.

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What's the difference between Bristol University Press and Policy Press?

Bristol University Press Digital

Instant access to Bristol University Press and Policy Press books, journal articles and collections.

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Who's who at Bristol University Press and Policy Press.

Open Access

Open Access is a vital part of our publishing strategy.

Impact: how to make it happen

We can help your work create the impact it deserves.


We don't want our publishing to be the only thing making a difference, which is why we choose a different local charity every year to support through fundraising and awareness campaigns.

Equality, diversity and inclusion

We recognise the value of a truly diverse workforce and the contribution that every individual can make.


Our aims and objectives around sustainability, social responsibility, environmental impact and a positive working environment.


We are committed to ensuring that all our products are made available to as wide an audience as possible.

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