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A little bit about us: Bristol University Press (home of imprint Policy Press) is a not-for-profit social science publisher which has published over 2000 titles, many with a strong focus on global social challenges and social justice.

Our mission is to disseminate knowledge and making an impact beyond academia, and booksellers hold the key to reaching those readers who are the drivers in improving our society. 

We have an exciting and growing non-fiction list alongside our textbooks and monographs. Bestsellers include titles like Injustice by Danny Dorling, White Privilege by Kalwant Bhopal, The Class Ceiling by Sam Friedman and Daniel Laurison and Miseducation by Diane Reay. Our new What Is It For? series examines the purpose of the most important aspects of our contemporary world.

Whether organising a book launch at an author’s local indie bookshop, discussing a window display for students in a campus bookshop, or celebrating a sold-out panel event with industry experts at a book festival, we are always delighted to hear from bookshops! Please do get in touch with us.

And for information on our key titles, upcoming publicity, and other highlights, please do sign up for our quarterly bookseller newsletter.