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Meet the sales team

Meet the Team

Julie Atkins, Global Sales Manager

I joined Bristol University Press in mid-2021 as Global Sales Manager, and it is great to be part of such a passionate and inspiring team. I have worked in international sales in publishing for around twenty years, covering both trade and academic markets, and really look forward to helping BUP and PP titles reach ever further-flung destinations.

You can contact me at julie.atkins@bristol.ac.uk.

Meet the Team

Georgie Aldridge, Key Account Sales Executive

I was excited to join BUP in late 2018 and feel really privileged to work for a not-for-profit publisher with a strong social mission, and also with such a passionate and supportive team.

One of the best things about my job is working with all our amazing and dedicated sales and rights agents from across the globe, and it is great to be continually learning about the ever-changing market, with the challenges and opportunities this brings! There is never a dull day!

You can contact me at georgie.aldridge@bristol.ac.uk.

Meet the Team

Jo Greig, Sales and Marketing Director

After 15 years of working in sales and marketing roles in educational publishing, I joined BUP in 2017. It was both the challenge of working in a new sector and the opportunity to build the BUP brand that was a huge appeal. I love working across both sales and marketing; they are both so intrinsically linked and with the small team at the press, we can deliver innovative marketing that drives sales. Before my interview, I researched the Press; I remember being genuinely overwhelmed by the social mission and range of important research BUP and Policy Press publishes. That feeling has never gone away, it’s real honour to work with such a dedicated team and represent research that can truly make a difference.

You can contact me at jo.greig@bristol.ac.uk.

Meet the Team

Kathryn King, Marketing Manager

I joined Policy Press in 2008 as Marketing Manager and have enjoyed being part of its growth and development into Bristol University Press since then. I have worked in academic publishing for 30 years and have seen many changes in that time, but my favourite things have always been working with authors to market and promote their books and learning about the difference our products make to people's lives.

You can contact me at kathryn.king@bristol.ac.uk.

Meet the Team

Amber Lanfranchi, Marketing Coordinator

I joined Bristol University Press in May 2021 after moving to Bristol from Brighton, where I was working for an arts and cultural history publisher. One of the best things about my job is working with an amazing team of colleagues and authors, who are all passionate about making a difference.

You can contact me at amber.lanfranchi@bristol.ac.uk.