Policy Press

Bristol University Press values and ethos statement

Bristol University Press, with its imprint Policy Press, is a leading scholarly and professional social science publisher committed to making a difference and supporting social change.

As a publisher that prides itself on serving its academic and professional communities effectively, Bristol University Press maintains a consistent set of values:

Scholarly – rooted in academia and rigorous research; part of the same world as the authors and readers.

Quality – publishing the highest quality thinking and research backed by rigorous peer review, adding value through careful editorial and production support.

International – a respected global publisher; strong worldwide links with other institutions and books that sell across borders.

Critical – active, exciting, energetic and curious; a duty to challenge orthodoxy.

Interdisciplinary – working across and between academic boundaries to address social issues in the broadest sense; chosen publisher for UK Research and Innovation interdisciplinary programmes Connected Communities and New Dynamics of Ageing.

Practical – books which are useful in the real world and useful aids for teaching.

Partnerships – works in open and transparent cooperation with authors; collaborates with others working for social progress.

Social purpose – books that advance debate and promote change, published with conviction and demonstrating impact.

Not for profit – independent and with good intentions; a very different proposition to traditional academic publishers.

Specialist – focused with expert knowledge in the social sciences; the publisher of choice in the social policy and related fields.

Ethical – working sustainably, with equality and social justice at its core.