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Bristol University Press Webinars

Bristol University Press is proud to present the following webinars, where our authors talk about their work in relation to current issues and events.

We will continue to add the recordings of the webinars as they happen. If you are interested in attending the next one, make sure you follow our Twitter accounts.

The future of universities

Find out more about Who are Universities For?, Creative Universities and Generational Encounters with Higher Education.

COP26 and new strategies for climate action

Find out more about Too Hot to Handle?, Unsustainable, Land Renewed and Responsibility Beyond Growth.

Digital media, technology and the future of politics post-COVID-19

Find out more about Media Technologies for Work and Play in East Asia, Algorithms and the End of Politics, Guerrilla Democracy, Anarchist Cybernetics and Life After COVID-19.

Who lives and who dies? What the pandemic has taught us about health inequality

Find out more about The Unequal Pandemic, Local Authorities and the Social Determinants of Health, Social Determinants of Health, Radical Empathy and COVID-19 and Co-production in Health and Social Care Research, Policy and Practice.

The future of cities after COVID-19

Find out more about The Forgotten City, Why Face-to-Face Still Matters, The Impact of COVID-19 on Devolution, Outsourcing in the UK, Beyond Brexit?, Cities and Communities Beyond COVID-19 and Leading the Inclusive City.

Addressing inequality in education post-COVID-19

Find out more about School Scandals and The Education Debate.

Rethinking welfare in the context of COVID-19

Find out more about Broken Benefits, It's Basic Income, A Sharing Economy, The Richer, The Poorer and The Next Welfare State?.

Creativity in research

Find out more about Helen Kara's books.

Power, policing and public order

Find out more about Good Policing, Regulating Police Detention and Emergency Powers in a Time of Pandemic.

Stuart Rees on humanitarian alternatives to destructive, cruel policies

Find out more about Stuart's book, Cruelty or Humanity.

Gemma Carney and Paul Nash on old age in the age of Coronavirus

Find out more about their book, Critical Questions for Ageing Societies.

Rob Kitchin and Alistair Fraser on why we need digital balanced lives

Find out more about their book, Slow Computing.

Keith Dowding on how governments blame citizens for their own policies

Find out more about Keith's book, It's the Government, Stupid.

Pat Thomson on school scandals

Find out more about Pat's book, School Scandals.

Martin Parker on life after COVID-19

Find out more about Martin's book, Life After COVID-19.

Jeremy Williams on arrival in a post-COVID world

Find out more about Jeremy's book, The Economics of Arrival.

Sam Wren-Lewis on the impacts of the pandemic on mental health

Find out more about Sam's book, The Happiness Problem.

Rebecca Willis on Climate Change

Find out more about Rebecca's book, Too Hot to Handle?.

Benita Matofska and Sophie Sheinwald on the Sharing Economy

Find out more about Benita and Sophie's book, Generation Share.