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Climate Change

Climate change is the main challenge facing developed countries in the 21st century and a key priority for both industrialised and emerging economies, across the Global North and Global South.

The work we publish creates an understanding of the connection between global discourses on climate change facts, specific policy responses and environmental law, contributing to ongoing debates in academia and beyond. It links to the global agenda, including the UN Agenda 2030 and the UN climate report, and reacts to current news, such as the US withdrawal from the Paris Climate agreement, Extinction Rebellion, Greta Thunberg and other climate protest and activism.

The research on our list provides a solid foundation for international and domestic policies around global warming, to support building impactful democratic solutions. 

Read on for a selection of books on climate change, Transforming Society posts and journal articles.

Commissioning Editor Emily Watt manages our Environment and Sustainability list:

According to the UN, 60% of the world’s population are expected to live in cities by 2030. It is this rapid urban growth that has resulted in us heading toward a climate emergency. We are dedicated to publishing work that offers a solid foundation for building impactful democratic solutions.

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