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Work and Employment

The future of work and the availability of sustainable jobs are key global social challenges. Our list provides in-depth research into topics from the role of trade unions in the 21st century to the impact of AI and machine learning.

We are proud to support Futures of Work, which since 2018 has been an online space for radical critiques of the changing world of work. Edited by Harry Pitts, Katie Bales and Huw Thomas, Futures of Work is a free-to-access site that connects academic and public commentators in order to discuss the pressing issues of our time.

Paul Stevens

Paul Stevens, Commissioning Editor in this area, says:

"Work: it pays the bills (but not always). We’re told that work gives us purpose, until it gets in the way of the good life. Work animates and inspires us, but bullshit jobs break our spirits and limit our opportunities. It’s nice work if we can get it, at least until the robots come to take our jobs…

Work and employment is a key theme for Bristol’s growing publishing programme, bridging core subject areas like management, sociology and geography. We’re committed to publishing the highest quality books that help us to understand the changing nature of work in contemporary social and economic life.”

Selected titles

A selection of related journal articles

Journal of Poverty and Social Justice

Special Issue 27.2 Self-employment and social protection in Europe. [Free to Access]
Guest edited by Kevin Caraher and Enrico Reuter

Longitudinal and Life Course Studies

Special Issue 10.2 The Impact of the Great Recession on Younger Workers.
Guest Edited by Jon. D. Miller

European Journal of Politics and Gender

Gendering welfare state analysis: tensions between care and paid work [Free to Access]
Authors: Ciccia, Rossella; Sainsbury, Diane

Critical and Radical Social Work

Entering precarious job markets in the era of austerity measures: the perceptions of Master of Social Work students
Authors: Karki, Karun Kishor; Chi, Monica; Gokani, Ravi; Grosset, Cara; Vasic, Jennifer; Kumsa, Martha Kuwee

Global Discourse

Mothers do not make good workers: the role of work/life balance policies in reinforcing gendered stereotypes
Author: Hampson, Sarah Cote

Families, Relationships and Societies

Working it out: strategies to reconcile work and family among Swedish lone mothers [Free to Access]
Author: Alsarve, Jenny

International Journal of Care and Caring

Learning to care: work experiences and identity formation among African immigrant care workers in the US
Author: Showers, Fumilayo

Policy & Politics

Who cares? The social care sector and the future of youth employment
Authors: Montgomery, Tom; Mazzei, Micaela; Baglioni, Simone; Sinclair, Stephen