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Technology and innovation for social good

We so often hear about the dangers of technology, the stories that make the media always seem to be about the hacking of sensitive personal data or the likes of Julian Assange and Cambridge Analytica. But what about the social good it can bring?

This is what our list looks at, the potential for innovation and creative solutions to our biggest problems. Whether this is improvements in robotics to help people with disabilities, the development of sustainable technology to help combat climate change, the evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) to analyse data more efficiently, or the way social media creates a space for people to organise international social activism.

With our newly established Science, Technology and Society list we are firmly pushing forward in this area with the goal of publishing research to help promote the use of technology for the good of society.

Selected titles

Articles on Transforming Society

Crowdfunding for refugees by Jacob Berkson 
What’s wrong with work? Technology, environment and informality by Lynne Pettinger
Is access to information a basic human right? by Jessie Daniels