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Poverty, wealth and inequality

Poverty and inequality in society is a major problem which is evident in all areas of the world, bridging the divide between the Global North and the Global South.

The issues involved are many and varied, from the water crisis and basic access to education and healthcare, to the financial crisis and resulting austerity. Our list both presents research on these topics and tackles emerging problems, such as the rise in food bank usage and the stagnation of social mobility for working class and middle class families.

This area has always been at the heart of our publishing with the view to making the research in this area as visible and accessible as possible in order to maximise its potential impact. With endless debates on these subjects happening across the world, making sure this research is available to those with the power to make a difference is a task we do not take lightly.

Selected titles

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Articles on Transforming Society

Explaining the Neoliberal turn by Roger Brown
How academic research can impact government policy
What if Cameron’s austerity had been “harder and faster”? by Sue Konzelmann
Rethinking Britain: Policy ideas for the many by Sue Konzelmann John Weeks and Marc Fovargue-Davies
PODCAST: Dreams and life in the debt trap by Larissa Pople and Sorcha Mahony 
What is the sociology of debt? by Mark Featherstone 
PODCAST: Loss, grief and life in the debt trap by Sorcha Mahony and Larissa Pople
Why we should have post results university applications by Norman Gowar
PODCAST: Isolation and life in the debt trap by Sorcha Mahony and Larissa Pople
Making evidence useful: 3 ways to turn research into policy to tackle child poverty by Andrew Dawes and Paul Dornan
Nanny families, new inequalities and ‘good care’ by Sara Eldén and Terese Anving
‘We’ve got stuff all, absolutely nothing!’: Summer holidays and the geography of extra-curricular activities by Sam Whewall 
VIDEO: Why do we need good finance? by Vedat Akgiray
The Football Sharer by Ashok Rathod 
Facing the reality of the housing cost crisis by Nick Gallent
Segregated play spaces: an unpleasant symptom of a much bigger problem by Tracy Shildrick
Finding Our Voice: Project Twist-It by Mary O'Hara  
Living a life that is affected by austerity feels like a judgement by Emily Green
May can say all she likes that austerity is over – the people affected know the truth by Mary O'Hara
Grenfell: We are still at war by Corrine Jones
IMPACT CASE STUDY: Hunger Pains by Kayleigh Garthwaite
‘Ain’t no such things as half-way crooks’: The troubled families agenda by Stephen Crossley
Conceptual issues in welfare debates by Lee Gregory
IMPACT CASE STUDY: JPSJ and Universal Credit by Sharon Wright and Peter Dwyer
Europe’s largest ghetto: squalor and violence in the shadows of Madrid by Dick Hobbs
Attitudes to social security in Britain today by John Hudson, Ruth Patrick and Emma Wincup 
The truth about benefits sanctions by Ruth Patrick