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Abbie Tozer, Digital Marketing Assistant

After graduating from the University of Saint Andrews with an MLitt in English Literature, I was enthusiastic about pursuing a career in publishing. After working as an Editorial Assistant for several years, I joined Bristol University Press in September 2021 and made the move into digital marketing shortly after.

I was drawn to Bristol University Press because of their exceptional publications that are geared towards driving social change in a positive direction. The press has been supportive of my professional development and I am grateful to be part of such a wonderful team who are committed to making a difference. 

You can contact me at abbie.tozer@bristol.ac.uk.

Meet the Team

Alexandra Gregory, Assistant Production Editor

I joined Bristol University Press in June 2021, having previously worked in a few different roles as an academic and then school librarian. Initially joining as a Production Assistant, I now work on a range of titles as an Assistant Production Editor, guiding books through multiple proof stages and finally to print. Working with BUP has been a fantastic experience: not only does our company consist of brilliant and dedicated people, but I also have the opportunity to work on a range of books advancing a better world. I particularly enjoy engaging with our Environment and Sustainability, Sociology, and Human Geography lists, as well as titles that tackle issues faced by the LGBTQIA+ community.

You can contact me at alexandra.gregory@bristol.ac.uk.

Meet the Team

Alison Shaw, Chief Executive

I joined the University of Bristol after working at Bloomsbury Publishing and established Policy Press in 1995 and Bristol University Press in 2016. I love working with our dedicated, talented team who believe so passionately in providing a quality service and product to our authors and customers as well as supporting The Press' social mission. It is an immense privilege to be able to develop our organisation with our committed Senior Management Team, stakeholders and partners.

My driver is to ensure that our work helps support positive social, environmental and cultural change. We do this mainly by publishing robust, evidence-based work for scholars, students, policy makers, professionals and campaigners. As we are not on this planet for very long trying to make a positive difference, however small, has always seemed important to me.

You can contact me at ali.shaw@bristol.ac.uk.

Meet the Team

Amber Lanfranchi, Marketing Coordinator

I joined Bristol University Press in May 2021 after moving to Bristol from Brighton, where I was working for an arts and cultural history publisher. One of the best things about my job is working with an amazing team of colleagues and authors, who are all passionate about making a difference.

You can contact me at amber.lanfranchi@bristol.ac.uk.

Meet the Team

Andy Williams, Operations Director

I arrived at BUP having followed a varied career through a wide range of companies and roles, both on the publisher and supplier sides of the industry (amongst others - Macmillan, CUP, OUP, Thames & Hudson, HWA and Clowes Printing). All of these roles have been in the production, content handling or operations areas of the business and I’m delighted to have joined BUP in 2019 as Operations Director and to try and bring this experience to what is a fantastic team at the Press and hence help with its social mission.

You can contact me at andy.williams@bristol.ac.uk.

Meet the Team

Angela Gage, Marketing Coordinator

I joined BUP in January 2021 from IOP Publishing and am so impressed with the hardworking, dedicated ethos here. The most exciting aspect of my marketing role is working directly with our engaged and passionate authors, enabling their work to reach the widest possible audience.

You can contact me at angela.gage@bristol.ac.uk.

Meet the Team

Anna Tolstukhina, Production Assistant

After completing my MSc in Sociology at the University of Bristol in 2023, I knew immediately that I wanted to contribute to academic publishing. It's exciting to continue to be part of such a great institution and to join the team with a passion for social justice, politics and contemporary issues. I enjoy supporting the production process and maintaining high standards of accuracy.

You can contact me at anna.tolstukhina@bristol.ac.uk.

Meet the Team

Bahar Muller, Marketing Executive

Having studied American Culture and Literature in Istanbul, I was drawn to working in publishing and media. Since doing my Erasmus here, England had become a second home to me and I grew more and more passionate about supporting the frontline defenders of social justice as I volunteered for several NGOs over the years. So when I permanently moved in the UK and started at Bristol University Press in 2018, I was over the moon for finding a job which would also give me the opportunity to help create positive change in the world. It is an exciting time to be at the Press, to see it grow and to be witness to the amazing things it achieves every day. It is an absolute pleasure to work with such passionate, creative and inspiring colleagues and authors.

You can contact me at bahar.muller@bristol.ac.uk.

Meet the Team

Daniel Gill, Senior Production Editor

I began life in publishing serendipitously after joining a small commercial publisher in Macclesfield in 1994. After five years as a production assistant, I enrolled on a publishing degree at Nottingham Trent University and have never looked back! I’ve worked in educational, professional, and academic publishing, gaining experience at John Wiley, Chichester upon graduation. More recently, I worked at Oxford University Press managing a range of titles including trade, law and scholarly books. Bristol University Press stands out for me as a totem university publisher, pushing boundaries with the constant development of their groundbreaking book list.

You can contact me at daniel.gill@bristol.ac.uk.

Meet the Team

Edwina Thorn, Journals Manager

I joined Policy Press in 2016, having been Assistant Editor for the International Journal of Epidemiology, worked in research development at the University of Bristol and after completing a PhD in Medieval History. While my career to date has exposed me to a wide range of scholarly disciplines, the constant and most enjoyable part of it has always been working with academics and helping them develop their passion projects.

I love working for a University Press that is so dedicated to its social mission and the scholarly community. Our journals are built on strong partnerships with our editors and boards, and I feel lucky to be in a job that provides so much variety, interest and the most wonderful colleagues.

You can contact me at edwina.thorn@bristol.ac.uk.

Meet the Team

Ella Gibbs, Journals Executive

I was delighted to join BUP as Journals Editorial Assistant in April 2022, having previously worked within the journals team at a physics publisher. It is incredibly exciting to work across a range of dynamic and engaging journals at BUP as part of a team that has expanded significantly in recent years. I was drawn to the press by its dedication to cultivating positive social change through its publications – it’s an added bonus to be part of such a friendly and committed team.

You can contact me at ella.gibbs@bristol.ac.uk.

Meet the Team

Ellen Pearce, Commissioning Editor

I joined Bristol University Press in 2022 from Edward Elgar Publishing. It's great to be working for a not-for-profit publisher with a strong social mission, publishing high quality books that have true impact. As the editor for business management and economics, I enjoy working on books that can make a difference, for academics, students and general readers. Supporting a project from an initial idea to a published book is a real privilege.

You can contact me at ellen.pearce@bristol.ac.uk.

Meet the Team

Emily Ross, Senior Commissioning Editor

I joined Bristol University Press after 14 years working in various editorial roles at Routledge. After spending my whole career at a large commercial press, I was drawn to working for a smaller university press, and in particular one which places such high emphasis on responding to the global social challenges of our time. I love the whole process of publishing a new book, and feel privileged to be involved throughout, seeing our ideas and collaborations with authors take shape from initial conception right through to final book publication. I am excited to be managing such a well-regarded list at Bristol University Press, and look forward to playing a part in further growing and developing our Sociology publishing in the future.

You can contact me at emily.ross@bristol.ac.uk .

Meet the Team

Emily Watt, Publisher

My interest in publishing really began when I did a Masters in Publishing at Oxford Brookes University and worked part time at what was Berg Publishers alongside my studies. Not long after I moved back to Bristol and I started at Policy Press and I’ve not looked back since. There were fewer staff but there was the same high ambitions and strong social justice ethos that is still at the centre of the Press and has carried through to Bristol University Press. I like that we continue to publish high quality books, with a strong social mission to promote positive social change in all sorts of areas and this is what makes working here so enjoyable.

For me, the exciting part of commissioning is talking to authors and seeing a project grow from a conversation into the greatest book it can be.

You can contact me at emily.watt@bristol.ac.uk.

Meet the Team

Enzo Bavetta, Digital Development Executive

After graduating from the University of Bristol, I started working for a publisher based in Gloucester and I found that the parts of the job which I enjoyed the most were the more technical aspects. This led me to apply for my current role, where I work on coordinating the day-to-day running and future development of our online platform, BUP Digital.

Digital Publishing is an exciting and expanding field and I enjoy working with the team and our development partner, to make sure that BUP publications are accessible via an up-to-date and easy-to-use platform.

You can contact me at enzo.bavetta@bristol.ac.uk.

Meet the Team

Georgie Aldridge, Key Account Sales Executive

I was excited to join BUP in late 2018 and feel really privileged to work for a not-for-profit publisher with a strong social mission, and also with such a passionate and supportive team.

One of the best things about my job is working with all our amazing and dedicated sales and rights agents from across the globe, and it is great to be continually learning about the ever-changing market, with the challenges and opportunities this brings! There is never a dull day!

You can contact me at georgie.aldridge@bristol.ac.uk.

Meet the Team

Ginny Mills, Senior Commissioning Editor

I arrived at Bristol University Press in 2022 with the exciting remit of publishing more books for a general audience. I’m delighted to be building up the Press’ offering in this area, and can’t wait to see more of our titles out in the wild soon! I love working closely with authors and the team here to produce carefully crafted books that have real impact, and I’m particularly pleased to represent a publisher with such a strong commitment to social justice.

Our trade (general readership) books have an emphasis on social, economic, political and environmental justice, and are designed to reach beyond academia to a broad audience of informed general readers, activists and policymakers. Our ultimate goal is to spark debate, advance knowledge, raise awareness and encourage social change.

I’m always on the lookout for new book projects, so if you’ve got an idea in mind please do get in touch! You can contact me at ginny.mills@bristol.ac.uk.

Meet the Team

Grace Carroll, Senior Editorial Assistant

I graduated from the University of Bristol in 2019, knowing that I wanted to work in academic publishing. After one year working at the library and 18 months in academic physics publishing, I’ve come full circle and returned to my alma mater as an Editorial Assistant at Bristol University Press! I couldn’t be happier to be working for a publisher with such a strong focus on social justice, policy and the issues that affect all of our lives. I really enjoy the process of guiding a book from submission to the finish line, and I feel lucky to do so alongside such a passionate group of people.

You can contact me at grace.carroll@bristol.ac.uk.

Meet the Team

Heather Townsend, Sales and Customer Service Coordinator

After working in numerous customer-facing roles since graduating from Cardiff University, I was keen to break into publishing and was delighted to join BUP in August 2021. I was so impressed by the press’s dedication to promoting social justice and inclusion, always valuing integrity over profit.

What I enjoy most about my role is being able to work directly with our customers, learning about what really interests them. The team’s passion for what they do is truly infectious, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds as the press continues to grow.

You can contact me at heather.townsend@bristol.ac.uk.

Meet the Team

Helen Davis, Publisher

My previous commissioning roles include working at Oxford University Press and the British Red Cross.

As an editor, it’s important to me to be able to develop books which fit with our mission to help shape our understanding of law and society. It is a privilege to work with authors who are focused on justice and rights, exploring the way the law works to protect the things that are most important to our society.

You can contact me at helen.davis@bristol.ac.uk.

Meet the Team

Inga Boardman, Senior Publishing Assistant

I moved to the UK 11 years ago without being able to speak more than a handful of words in English. After bouncing around between a few jobs in the hospitality industry, and from binge watching episodes of Friends, I slowly started to learn and gain confidence which helped me to secure a job at Southmead hospital as a Materials Management Assistant. After a few years I started seeking administrative roles and was appointed to the Student Admin Team in Physiology, Pharmacology and Neuroscience, at the University of Bristol.

I thoroughly enjoyed working at PPN, however, I felt like I was ready for a change of scene and sought a new challenge so I am very happy and excited to be a new member of the BUP team. I chose to apply for the position because it is completely different to other departments within the University. I have always had a fondness for books and was intrigued to know the processes involved in publishing. My biggest strength is that I am very organised and give every task all my energy and dedication.

You can contact me at inga.boardman@bristol.ac.uk.

Meet the Team

Isobel Bainton, Senior Commissioning Editor

I came to Policy Press in 2012 from Wiley-Blackwell. Getting to choose who and what we publish is a huge privilege (and responsibility!). I love working with authors from the start of the process, helping them to develop their ideas and shape their book to be the best it can be.

Throughout the process, I maintain overall responsibility for the project and never lose the sense of pride and accomplishment when we receive the first copies from the printer. Once the book is published and out in the world it's great to watch how it's received and what a difference it makes.

You can contact me at isobel.bainton@bristol.ac.uk.

Meet the Team

James Bosanquet, Product Data Officer

Having studied a data related course at university and always being interested in books I wanted to find a role in which I could fully uses the skills I had learned. It was also important that my work contribute to society, so working at Bristol University Press/Policy Press was a brilliant fit for me.

Data about books is something that many people will not notice or think about when all is well, and my mission is to try and deliver the best quality data in a timely fashion. Data can cover a wide range in the life cycle of a book, and I enjoy being involved in the full cycle of a book from creation to dissemination.

You can contact me at james.bosanquet@bristol.ac.uk.

Meet the Team

Jess Mitwright, Head of Production

I joined the Press in 2016 having previously worked at Intellect Ltd. In my 14+ years in the industry I have been a copy-editor, a production editor, a quality control team leader, a senior production editor and a book manager. I am now head of content creation at the Press and responsible for all pre-press activities. Taking an author's carefully honed manuscript and making it into a real-life book that they can be proud is an enormous privilege and continues to bring me joy.

You can contact me at jess.mitwright@bristol.ac.uk.

Meet the Team

Jessica Miles, Digital Marketing Manager and EDI Lead

I started in publishing at 18, working on a small newspaper in Bristol. I went on to work on a freelance basis for a range of publishing companies in London, during which time I studied for a degree in English Literature and Critical Theory at London Metropolitan. After a year in Switzerland I moved back to Bristol, arriving here in 2006 as a Marketing Assistant.

Now as Digital Marketing Manager I have the privilege of working across all the lists and product formats, looking after campaign planning, websites, content creation, social media and emarketing. I also produce the Transforming Society blog and podcast. I've been with the organisation for a long time because I want to make a difference and I believe we do that here.

You can contact me at jessica.miles@bristol.ac.uk.

Meet the Team

Jo Greig, Sales and Marketing Director

After 15 years of working in sales and marketing roles in educational publishing, I joined BUP in 2017. It was both the challenge of working in a new sector and the opportunity to build the BUP brand that was a huge appeal. I love working across both sales and marketing; they are both so intrinsically linked and with the small team at the press, we can deliver innovative marketing that drives sales. Before my interview, I researched the Press; I remember being genuinely overwhelmed by the social mission and range of important research BUP and Policy Press publishes. That feeling has never gone away, it’s real honour to work with such a dedicated team and represent research that can truly make a difference.

You can contact me at jo.greig@bristol.ac.uk.

Meet the Team

Julia Mortimer, Journals and Open Access Director

Following an early career in bookselling, I arrived at the University nearly 30 years ago and helped set up Policy Press as Assistant Director. I have worked across most areas of the business but moved to my current role when Bristol University Press was established in order to focus on the journals programme and our open access publishing. I really enjoy seeing journals develop from early discussions to thriving publications, and the ability it affords to develop long term publishing partnerships.

I feel privileged to have seen the Press develop over the years and still enjoy every day working with such a committed, dynamic and passionate team of people with a shared goal of making a difference in society. I also really love meeting people across the industry and am currently a member of the Publishers Association’s Academic Publishers Council.

You can contact me at julia.mortimer@bristol.ac.uk.

Meet the Team

Julie Atkins, Global Sales Manager

I joined Bristol University Press in mid-2021 as Global Sales Manager, and it is great to be part of such a passionate and inspiring team. I have worked in international sales in publishing for around twenty years, covering both trade and academic markets, and really look forward to helping BUP and PP titles reach ever further-flung destinations.

You can contact me at julie.atkins@bristol.ac.uk.

Meet the Team

Kate Spratt, Journals Editorial Assistant

I joined Bristol University Press and Policy Press as a Journals Editorial Assistant in January 2024, previously having worked as a books acquisitions administrator at Oxford University Press. My role is to support journals editors and authors with the submission process, helping move the articles along from initial submission to a fully peer reviewed, high quality article. It’s great to be working at a socially minded, academic and nonprofit publisher like BUP.

You can contact me at kate.spratt@bristol.ac.uk.

Meet the Team

Kathryn King, Marketing Manager

I joined Policy Press in 2008 as Marketing Manager and have enjoyed being part of its growth and development into Bristol University Press since then. I have worked in academic publishing for 30 years and have seen many changes in that time, but my favourite things have always been working with authors to market and promote their books and learning about the difference our products make to people's lives.

You can contact me at kathryn.king@bristol.ac.uk.

Meet the Team

Katie Duffy, Finance Manager

I began my publishing finance career with Penguin random House in London in 2014 and moved to BUP in May 2023. Within the industry I have worked across book publishing, audio and group finance which has allowed me a rounded knowledge of the industry. Working for BUP I am surrounded by socially conscious, supportive teams and simply wonderful people.

You can contact me at katie.duffy@bristol.ac.uk.

Katie Foxall

Meet the Team

Katie Foxall, Journals Manager (maternity cover)

I joined Bristol University Press in 2023, following 13 years in the publishing department at ecancer, an educational charity. I was attracted by the Press' ethos of social justice and scholarly excellence, as well as its not-for-profit mission.

Previously to ecancer, I worked for Institute of Physics Publishing (IOPP) for many years, within both the production and editorial departments. As an English Literature graduate from the University of Bristol, I was always attracted to the world of books, journals and publishing so being part of the University Press is a real privilege.

You can contact me at katie.foxall@bristol.ac.uk.

Meet the Team

Laura Vickers-Rendall, Senior Commissioning Editor

I have been at Policy Press for over 10 years, starting as a graduate having used a number of Policy Press titles throughout my degree. I have had several roles in the commissioning team working on the majority of the core Policy Press subject areas over the years.

I enjoy meeting existing and potential authors and talking through their research. Building those relationships over the period of time from inception of a potential book idea to publication is especially enjoyable. It is really rewarding to be able to produce books that authors and editors are proud of.

You can contact me at laura.vickers@bristol.ac.uk.

Meet the Team

Leonie Drake, Journals Production Manager

I began my publishing career with an MA in International Publishing at Oxford Brookes in 2014, following several years living abroad as an English language teacher. I worked as a production editor at Oxford University Press and the Institute of Physics before joining BUP in 2018. Having previously managed the production of BUP titles across books and journals, I am excited to now be focused exclusively on our dynamic journals programme. It is a real privilege to be part of such a brilliant, passionate team and to work on cutting-edge research which inspires positive social change.

You can contact me at leonie.drake@bristol.ac.uk.

Meet the Team

Martha Gleeson, Digital Marketing Coordinator

I joined the Press in 2017 after starting as a volunteer and shortly being hired as the Marketing Assistant. Since then, I moved into the newly established Digital Marketing team and have been working on keeping our online presence vibrant and up to date ever since.

I am incredibly thankful to be part of such a wonderful, hard-working team, who are always working to ensure the work we publish is making an impact on both individuals and society.

You can contact me at martha.gleeson@bristol.ac.uk.

Meet the Team

Millie Prekop, Marketing Coordinator

I joined Policy Press in 2019 and was excited to work for a publisher with a heart for social justice. I have worked on a number of subject areas and particularly enjoy marketing our flagship social and public policy list. Supporting authors in promoting their work and collaborating with colleagues are two of my favourite parts of the job. I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to work with and learn from such a fantastic team here at the press.

You can contact me at millie.prekop@bristol.ac.uk.

Meet the Team

Paul Stevens, Publisher

I’m responsible for commissioning books in management, economics, and social studies of science and technology. I joined Bristol in 2017, having previously worked for the likes of Macmillan, Pearson Education, and Cambridge University Press. Academic publishing can seem like a bit of a black box at times, so from the initial pitch and proposal I enjoy working with my authors to help guide their publications the right readers and make a lasting impression. It’s a privilege to be able to do this at a press that values quality over quantity, and that isn’t afraid to experiment along the way.

You can contact me at paul.stevens@bristol.ac.uk.

Meet the Team

Phylicia Ulibarri-Eglīte, Marketing Executive

I joined Policy Press in 2015 after graduating from the University of Edinburgh and officially moving to the UK from Texas.

I have had several roles in the marketing team and have worked on a number of subject areas over the years. It has been incredible to see PP and BUP grow and to work on so many exciting and important books from authors who are truly passionate about their work. I’m glad to be part of such a dedicated, fantastic team of people here at the press.

You can contact me at p.ulibarri-eglite@bristol.ac.uk.

Meet the Team

Poppy Hodges, Journals Editorial Assistant

I have recently joined Bristol University Press as a Journals Editorial Assistant, moving from my role as an Editorial Assistant at IOP Publishing. I am really excited to be working for a not-for-profit publisher with a focus on social justice. BUP has given me the opportunity to work across such an interesting list of journals as well as amongst a friendly and welcoming team. I look forward to being part of the journals team as it continues to grow and publish important research that strives to make a positive change.

You can contact me at poppy.hodges@bristol.ac.uk.

Meet the Team

Rebecca Tomlinson, Commissioning Editor

After completing an MA in Journalism, I got my first publishing job at Policy Press and it's been such a joy to see it grow and develop and to have been so involved in the Bristol University Press journey.

As the editor for criminology and criminal justice books, I’ve been able to shape the list to include some of the most vital topics effecting the most vulnerable and marginalised groups in our society. It’s a privilege to work with the criminology community, who are all so passionate about the important work they’re doing and I think that shows in the fantastic books we’ve published so far.

You can contact me at rebecca.tomlinson@bristol.ac.uk.

Meet the Team

Rich Kemp, Marketing Coordinator (maternity cover)

I have worked in book publishing since 2016. Before that, I wrote for educational publishers and taught English as a Foreign Language in Spain, Chile and Mexico. In 2021, I completed a Masters in Creative and Critical Writing and am now a published essayist.

Bristol University Press has appealed to me for several years because of its commitment to social justice. In September 2021, I finally joined BUP and have already got involved with a number of exciting projects. Listen out for my voice on the Transforming Society podcast!

You can contact me at richard.kemp@bristol.ac.uk.

Meet the Team

Ruth Wallace, Senior Production Editor

Joining Policy Press in 2013 after an MSc in Publishing was an opportunity to be part of a great not-for-profit academic press. I have enjoyed seeing the press grow and develop into Bristol University Press. Working with our wide range of authors has taught me a lot. Being part of a fantastic team producing thought-provoking books and working to change the world is inspiring.

You can contact me at ruth.wallace@bristol.ac.uk.

Meet the Team

Sarah Bird, Development Editor

I have worked in academic publishing since 1994, but took a break from it some years ago to set up a small, ethical publishing cooperative that produced books for a general audience. What drew me to this job, and back to academic publishing, was the fact that Bristol University Press publishes high quality journals and books, with a strong social mission to promote positive social change in all sorts of areas.

I love working with people to build strong communities of research and practice - so managing the Global Social Challenges Journal is my ideal job!

You can contact me at sarah.bird@bristol.ac.uk.

Meet the Team

Sarah Breaux, Senior Executive Assistant

I joined BUP at the beginning of 2019 after years working in the travel and cycling sectors. I completed my MA in Modern Language (Spanish) at the University of Bristol in 2012 after moving to the UK from Austin, Texas. I was attracted to the University for its reputation as a good employer, its position in the Bristol community and to BUP particularly for its social mission. I am dedicated to ensuring smooth operations, continual improvement, and an inclusive and supportive work environment. I love that my role allows me to meet everyone when they start and stay in regular contact with all my colleagues. There are always new challenges to address (like a pandemic!), but I enjoy the ever-changing work.

You can contact me at sarah.breaux@bristol.ac.uk.

Meet the Team

Sharon Harris, Journals Development Editor

I started my career in publishing at Institute of Physics Publishing where I worked in various roles in journals editorial for over 20 years. After a few years working as a secondary maths and science teacher, I started work at Bristol University Press in 2023. I was attracted by working for a not-for-profit university press with a social justice ethos. I love working as part of a supportive and friendly team committed to our mission of publishing the highest quality international scholarship in the social sciences.

You can contact me at sharon.harris@bristol.ac.uk.

Meet the Team

Sian Durham, Senior Journals Assistant

I started my publishing career in 2017 as an Editorial and Production Assistant at the IET before moving on to the Royal Society of Chemistry. I later worked as a Production Editor at Cambridge University Press before taking a career break and training as a primary school teacher. Though it was a rewarding career move, I always felt much more motivated and fulfilled working in publishing.

I was impelled to apply for the role at the press as I was inspired by its commitment to social justice and its efforts to promote a positive and radical social change through its publications. Working on the journals team now as a Senior Journals Assistant, I feel privileged to be working with such a dedicated, supportive and friendly team.

You can contact me at sian.durham@bristol.ac.uk

Meet the Team

Stephen Wenham, Senior Commissioning Editor / Publisher

I studied politics at Bristol University and then spent over ten years at Palgrave Macmillan publishing books across the social sciences, most recently in politics. I am pleased to be back in Bristol and continuing to publish books in Politics and International Relations, and International Development.

I enjoy working on subjects that I find so interesting and with researchers whose insights go far beyond headlines and soundbites. As an editor you can help authors find the best format for their research and to link them up with the small army of people required to successfully publish, promote and sell a book.

You can contact me at s.wenham@bristol.ac.uk.

Meet the Team

Thea Cook, Senior Journals Marketing Executive

I began my career working for an academic association. This is where I got my first taste of both marketing and academic publishing. During my time there I grew to love working in the not-for-profit sector. It’s great to know that every day you are working to put something good out into the world.

This is why I jumped at the chance to work for BUP, a small socially responsible publisher with a mission to tackle complex societal issues. It was a real bonus to find that all of my new colleagues are genuinely lovely people who share my passion.

You can contact me at thea.cook@bristol.ac.uk.

Meet the Team

Vaarunika Dharmapala, Books Production Manager

I became drawn to the idea of a career in publishing when, as a postgraduate, I got involved in editing a student journal. I worked for several years in educational publishing and then freelanced for several years more as a copy-editor and developmental editor for both fiction and non-fiction. In 2019, I joined BUP as a production editor. I was amazed and delighted to see the job ad – I’ve always dreamed of working alongside people who care about making the world a radically fairer place, and I hope we contribute towards that goal every day.

You can contact me at v.dharmapala@bristol.ac.uk.

Meet the Team

Victoria Pittman, Editorial Director

I joined Policy Press from Oxford University Press in 2013, drawn to Bristol by my South-West roots and the opportunity to join a small and collaborative team. It has been amazing to be part of the launch of Bristol University Press and see the Press grow and develop.

I really enjoy working on books that I feel passionate about and that can make a difference. I love that we publish such a wide range of content, from the high quality monograph which advances the field to the accessible social commentary you might see in a bookshop. Commissioning gives me the chance to help authors publish their work in the best way possible, collaborate with them to discover the format which suits the content and audience, shape the book with my input if needed and also guide them with the expert advice of peer reviewers. The best books are a partnership between author and publisher and this starts at the commissioning stage.

You can contact me at victoria.pittman@bristol.ac.uk.

Meet the Team

Zoë Forbes, Assistant Editor

I am an Assistant Editor at Bristol University Press and Policy Press, commissioning in the areas of Politics and International Relations. Previously I worked as an Editorial Assistant across multiple lists in the humanities department at Routledge.

Having a role that allows me to be close to emerging academic research is a great privilege, and I enjoy supporting our authors from the initial book idea and throughout the writing process. It is very rewarding to work within a dedicated team at a not-for-profit publisher that strives to create positive social change.

You can contact me at zoe.forbes@bristol.ac.uk.